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For the samosa
3 cups wheat flour
1/3 tsp salt
¾ cup milk
6 tsp oil

For the egg filling
3 large eggs
2 onions
1/2 cup coriander leaves
1/4 cup mint leaves
1 tsp red chilli powder
salt to taste
2 to 3 tbsp oil


Take a bowl and add salt, flour, milk and 4 tsp oil. Mix well, then add water little by little and knead to make a smooth and firm dough. Add the remaining oil and knead again for a few minutes. Close a lid and set this aside for ½ an hour.Meanwhile start preparing the egg filling. For this beat the eggs with a whisk till smooth and bubbles are seen. Grind the onions along with coriander leaves, mint leaves, red chilli powder and salt to a smooth paste. Add this to the eggs and mix well.Now heat oil in a pan and add the egg- onion mix. Continue stirring for about 10 minutes, till the raw smell goes and the eggs are well cooked. Switch off the gas and allow this to cool down completely and transfer to a bowl.Now Egg filling is ready.Divide the dough into balls & roll out into thin 5 inch circle.Fill each wrapper with filling & fold into half circles. Stick the sides with a lil water.Do the same until all the filling has finished. Heat oil in a wok & deep fry the samosas.Serve hot with your choice of chutney or ketchup.
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