Maddie Bradshaw M3 Girl Designs founder who is 13years age Converted into $1.6 million Brand a year

Maddie Bradshaw M3 Girl Designs founder who is 13years age Converted into $1.6 million Brand a year

Maddie Bradshaw is the President/founder of m3 girl designs, a jewelry company, with annual revenues of around $1.6 million, selling over 60,000 necklaces per month in over 6,000 U.S. retail outlets, including and Nordstrom.

Everything started when the young girl was 10 years-old and wanted to decorated her school locker, but couldn’t find anything interesting and original. When her uncle, who had an old Coke machine, gave her 50 bottle caps, she decided to decorate them herself and put magnets on them. The now 16-year-old recalls: “When my friends saw the caps, they wanted me to make some for them.”

M3 Girl Designs
Ages: 13
Location: Dallas, Texas
2008 Revenue: $1.6 million
2009 Projected Revenue: Undisclosed
Employees: 25
Year founded: 2006

Their enthusiasm determined Maddie to try something new: design necklaces with a metal pendant to attract the bottle cap, which she called Snap Caps. The Snap Caps aim to capture and celebrate every girl’s unique personality, with themes ranging from initials, music stars and fairy tales. Bradshaw took 50 of the necklaces to a local toy store. In less than two hours, they sold out. The young entrepreneur remembers: “At that point, I knew I was onto something. I think we were successful in the beginning because I was more focused on having fun and less worried about failing.” While she only spent $300 of her own money, matched by her mother, to buy supplies, the young girl already made her first million by age 13.

                                                              M3 Girl Designs

Maddie, alongside her younger sister, Margot, who is the company’s vice-president, creates the jewelry designs. She also attends all the company’s meetings and trade shows. The young entrepreneur has recently added a new line of necklaces, called Spark of Life, which targets an older group, teens. She revealed: ”The great thing about our company is that it’s growing with me.As my tastes change, so will the products.”

"A kid knows what a kid likes," says Bradshaw, who took her bottle cap idea, which she named Snap Caps, and pitched it to a local toy store, Learning Express, in 2007. Selling out of the 50 bottle caps Bradshaw and her mom took to the store  in under two hours Learning Express quickly asked the then-10-year-old if it could carry the Snap Caps in more of its stores throughout Texas.

Now, Bradshaw's designs can be found in hundreds of stores throughout the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas. Snap Caps can be worn on necklaces, in hairpins, or as bracelets. "All my designs are interchangeable," says Bradshaw, whose company now sells 50,000 necklaces and caps every month.

As the founder, president, and head designer of the Dallas-based company, Bradshaw is still a full-time student and plays lacrosse, tennis, and is a member of the swim team. Her 9-year-old sister Margot helps design and paint some of the bottle caps, and is most often the person Bradshaw turns to for advice.

"She always knows what the latest trends are, what my friends and hers are going to like," Bradshaw says. Margot also serves as the company's vice president, while mother Diane is CEO and the person who is responsible for all the financials. "Maddie definitely attends the business meetings, talks about the designs, and goes to trade shows," Diane Bradshaw says.

Maddie's accidental product has become something of a tween-selling powerhouse -- Snap Caps were featured at the Teen Choice Awards and now bring in $1.6 million in revenue. Throughout this summer, Bradshaw has worked with the company's 25 employees, designing more caps and expanding into hair ties and notebooks. "I'm glad I started this company as a kid," Bradshaw says. "I've learned how to market a business  and I think it's really fun."

Bradsaw has also published a book, called You Can Start a Business, Too, after receiving numerous emails from young girls who also wanted to start a business. At the same time, she is striving to create a scholarship to help aspiring young entrepreneurs, as she confessed: ”I love that I have an opportunity to reach out and help others.Not everybody has the money like I did to pay for start-up costs.”

Bradshaw’s initiative has attracted local and national media attention. The young entrepreneur appeared on ABC’s“The View” and the “Shark Tank,” while her work has been featured on the Teen Choice Awards. Regarding her appearance on “The View,” Bradshaw confessed: “I was so nervous about answering questions from Barbara Walters.” She added: “But with each new opportunity to talk about the company in front of people, I gained a bit more confidence and learned that I could do more than I thought I could do.”

While on “Shark Tank” in February 2012, Bradshaw asked the “Sharks,” five investors who listen to business pitches and offer financial and mentoring deals with entrepreneurs, to invest $300,000 in her company, while proposing a 15% stake in the company. M3 girl designs ended up offering 30% equity in the business for the $300k, but obtained considerable value for the additional 15%. Instead of one “Shark” offering to launch her company internationally and mentor her, three investors, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjevic and the QVC Queen Lori Greiner, together worth billions of dollars, accepted to invest in the young girl’s business.

While her own company continues to rise to unexpected heights, Maddie’s Bradshaw advises other young entrepreneurs to: “Follow your passion. If you come up with an idea and you love it, chances are other people will, too.”
This is a True Success Story that is sure to keep growing as the two girls continue to develop their Brand. This is also a very good lesson for all parents in how to encourage their kids that they can accomplish anything they want in life if they are willing to work hard (and smart) for it.
Maddie and Margot may be getting a lot of the attention, but without grounded parent's that were willing to help take a business idea into a multi-million dollar business in a few short years cannot be over looked.  
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Birthday party decoration at home Birthday party decoration at home ideas india

Birthday party decoration at home ideas

Consider the age, gender, interests and hobbies of the guest of honor! Then choose a theme that suits them perfectly.You can go "all out" and make every aspect of the party theme-related, or you can try a lighter touch by including just a little theme-related decoration or food.

Get your guest list made and your invitations out at least 2 weeks prior to the party (more if it's a big event). This way, you'll have an idea of how many people to expect and you can decide on the best location to accommodate your group size.

Make sure you have a way to play your tunes - whether that be just a set of speakers with a phone or music player, or a whole DJ setup.
Even if you're not planning on having dancing, background music really helps set the atmosphere at the party. Make sure you have a range of fast, slow, soft, and quiet songs on hand to fit the mood at different times of the event and get your guests feeling celebratory.

If you're hosting a kids party, pick out some kid-friendly selections that won't drive the parents crazy. If you're hosting a grown-up celebration, make sure you have a range of genres available to suit everybody's likes, and let your guests play "DJ" too.

Balloons and streamers are fun, but they're at every party! Get creative by tying into your theme. A large box can become a doghouse for a puppy party. Small pebbles spray-painted gold can be the treasure for a pirate party, and haystacks make great seats for a Wild West Party.

Serve food relating to your theme, like Hawaiian Fruit Dip for a luau or pigs-in-a-blanket for a barnyard party. Just remember, finger foods are best, particularly for young guests.
To lend an older mood to your party, prepare some more grown-up snacks, like chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, and range of easy-to-prepare appetizers. Make all your options things you can cook or put together ahead of time, so that you can spend the precious hours of the party enjoying your guests' company, rather than in the kitchen.

Keep guests entertained. Provide lots of opportunity for social mingling (particularly for grown-ups), as well as "free play" for kids. But to really keep the celebration going, games always seem to be the hit of the party! There are some great websites out there where you can find activities that tie into a particular theme.
Depending on your number of guests and their ages, you can even have several games running throughout the event. Balance your levels of activity so that there's plenty going on throughout the party; you can try something active like a three-legged race or Twister, followed by lower-key but social games like Pictionary or charades (or board games, for kids).

Expect the unexpected! With kids' parties especially, it is almost a certainty that things will not go exactly according to plan. Be prepared by having extra games and activities, extra goody bags, and a rain plan ready.
For older guests, you may not run into those particular issues, but be prepared with some extra food and activities if you end up with more guests than you expected, and be prepared to reign in the party to cater a smaller crowd if some people don't show up.

Remember the goody bags! Once again, try to keep the goodies relevant to the party theme and the age of your guests. For example the goody bag may contain chocolate bars and toys like grow your own frog etc.
If you're aiming your party at an older crowd, goody bags may not fit the mood, but that doesn't mean you can't send them home with a memento. Take snapshots of your friends being goofy in a make-shift "photo booth" and print them out for guests to take home (or send them along later, if you prefer), or make a fun "grown-up goody bag" with kazoos and party poppers for when people really want to get the party going.

Get snacks that your friends will enjoy, not just you.Don't go to any place unsuitable for younger guests.
Make a pinata out of a balloon and fill it with candy instead of having goody bags. You could do both, if you want.Use books from the library or book store, or surf the Internet for more fun birthday party ideas.

Garlands Galore
A homemade banner can pack a big decorative punch. Check out these designs that can be reused year after year.

Have Fun with Streamers
You can twist, wind, braid, and curl crepe paper. Get a lot of bang for your buck with this affordable and versatile party material.

Cool Dot-Com Decor
Stylish and affordable party supplies from our favorite stores.

Fancy Table
Make your table shine by using the snacks as creative decor. 

Garland: Baby Face
A photo of your little one is just the thing for an intimate family celebration.

Garland: Stick Around
Spell a message by adhering string to cardboard circles with letter stickers.

Balloon banner
You know those impressive balloon banners you see at large charity events and corporate parties? Now you can make one of your own! Design Mom. Simply thread balloons onto some twine until you get the length of banner you need. The best part? It's a grand statement for the minimal cost of a few packages of balloons.

Ginormous flowers
Create a fantasy world where the flora is huge with these ginormous flowers.a perfect decoration for spring birthdays and garden- or fairy-themed parties.

Pom-pom word pennant
Here's another kids' room decoration that would be great for a party: a pom-pom name pennant as seen how to make wire-frame letters and attach pom-poms to them to create a one-of-a-kind pennant. Spell out the birthday boy or girl's name, or even "Happy Birthday" for a banner you can use over and over again.

birthday party decoration ideas for kids at home
birthday party decoration ideas for adults
good birthday party themes
good birthday party themes for teenagers
balloon decoration ideas for birthday party at home

Decorating with Food

Your party guests need to eat so why not use that as an opportunity to stun them with your decorating skills! Here are some tips to get you started.
Use theme related items to hold your food. For example, a clean cowboy hat could hold chips at a western themed party and a milk pail could hold cookies at a farm party. Look around your kitchen for ideas and look in the toy box too!
Use your theme to inspire the food you serve and then label things accordingly. For instance, if you were having a Dinosaur Party you could label vegetables are for herbivores and hamburgers are for carnivores. Action figures, toys and stuffed animals can hold the food labels next to each dish.
Yummy treats such as cupcakes, cookies and candy are naturally colorful and can add flare to your food table. Top cupcakes with small toys or candy, wrap cookies in decorative tissue paper and place colorful hard candy in mason jars to make your food table pop.
Place large swirl lollipops in pretty vases along with silk or tissue paper flowers. Pass these out as favors for your guests. You can even add a personalized sticker on the front of each lollipop to send your guests a special message.
Arrange cupcakes in the shape of your child's age on the party table. You can also arrange cupcakes in rows that are decorated with the letters that spell "Happy Birthday."
Silly straws come in a variety of fun shapes and can also be taken home by your guests. Make sure to use silly straws with tall cups to prevent tipping or trim the bottom of each straw before serving in smaller cups.
Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into different shapes. Use shapes that match your party theme. For instance, star shaped cookie cutters can be used for a Rock Star or Space Party.
Finish the party off with the perfect party cake. Use a Wilton cake pan that matches your party theme or check out  more ideas.
Decorating Crafts
If you have the time, you can impress your guests by making some of the party decorations yourself.

Fold a Basic Napkin Utensil Holder: Create a colorful utensil pouch out of a paper dinner napkin. This decorating tip includes step-by-step folding instructions with photos and display ideas.

Fold a Fancy Napkin Utensil Holder: Here is another way you can fold a paper napkin into a utensil pouch. Step-by-step folding instruction with photos and display ideas are included.

Kirigami Picnic Baskets: Kirigami is just like origami except the paper is cut and folded. This craft is a perfect way to make nametags for your guests. All you need is origami paper and our folding instructions to create beautiful nametags or favor holders.

Tissue Paper Flowers: Not only can tissue paper flowers be used as centerpieces but you can also make large ones and then hang them from the ceiling. Small flowers can be placed behind each guest's ear at a luau or garden party. Choose your size and get creative with this easy decorating craft.

Balloons and Streamers

The ceiling isn't the only place to hang balloons from a string or tape streamers. Be creative while decorating. Choose colors that match your party theme

Here are some balloon and streamer ideas to inspire you.
Decorate balloons with construction paper, markers and tissue paper to create animal faces. Just tape on ears and draw on the face with a permanent marker.
Create a balloon canopy by hanging a tarp or sheet from four poles above the party table. Then fill dozens of solid color balloons with helium and let them float under the canopy without strings.
Create a balloon ball pit by blowing up dozens of balloons without helium and placing them in a boxed off area. The children can walk around in the balloon pit and toss them in the air.
Tape balloons to the wall in the formation of your child's age. This will create a dramatic and colorful wall display.

Wrap streamers around poles, stairwells and chairs. You can leave white space while wrapping the streamers or completely cover the surface to create a solid colored decoration.
Create a streamer chandelier by gathering 6-8 long streamer strips by one end. Tape one end to the ceiling and then fan out the strips to all corners of the room. This will look really pretty if you use alternating colors or rainbow colors.
Honey varieties Types of Honey Honey from the flowers of Neem Honey 300 Types of honey
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Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandelier how to make plastic bottle chandelier

plastic bottle chandelier 

plastic bottle chandelier 
Builds each chandelier from plastic bottle petal bases, linking their modules together with a simple tag.Once a plastic drinks bottle is empty, it is perceived as redundant and then thrown away.Don't through bottles and recycled them.Innovate yourself different crafts for home decoration. 
More Ideas with plastic bottle:

Recycled plastic bottle chandelier Composed entirely from cut-off bottle bases, it lit up the floor at redesign‘s Lighten Up exhibition .

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Beautiful Indian Barbie Dolls Wedding Barbi Dolls

Beautiful Indian Barbie Dolls

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day from a young age.What she would wear and how she would look for her big day is perfectly sketched in her mind. Barbie comes to India in all resplendence, dressed in traditional Indian bridal costumes.

Get the Mattel Wedding Fantasy doll to your little girl and bring a little bit of her dreams to reality. This Barbie doll is dressed in Indian wedding attire and looks as beautiful as a blooming flower in Spring. The doll’s clothes are so intricately designed that they add effortless elegance to the appearance of Barbie. Your little girl can play with the beautiful bride as she dreams of being one herself, or organize role playing games with her friends and have a fun slumber party with the bride. The Mattel Wedding Fantasy doll is suitable for girls aged three and above.

Indian Barbie doll is part of the 'Barbies Collector Dolls of the World' collection.she is in beautiful merun wedding saree, bangles, a "bindi", eye makeup and an antique Indian head jewelry piece.The long lustrous shiny braided black hair compliments the Indian barbie perfectly.
The Indian Barbie doll is shown here wearing a pretty Bengali designer wear saree. She seems all set to rock a typical big fat Indian wedding. The saree is made of exquisite high quality fabric and why shouldn't it be? The Indian Barbie deserves no less.
The Indian  Barbie With complete Indian makeup, jewelry and attire, she looks so much like an Indian celebrity in Green wedding dress. Her facial features are the prime highlights which sets her apart from the other Indian barbies. The Barbie manufacturers have taken care to make the Barbie look like a typical Indian and they have succeeded wonderfully with this exotic looking piece. The most recommended buy for a collector!

Barbie as the Royal Indian Princess
Lovely Barbie in India which was actually manufactured in India by Mattel and was available only in India many years ago.

The Indian Barbie in wedding green she is in beautiful merun wedding saree, bangles, a "bindi", eye makeup and an antique Indian head jewelry piece.Having Garland in her hand.

Beautiful Indian Barbie in Radha dress waiting for Krishna with me ruin color saree with green border wearing beautiful garland.

The saree has a wide border and it is of a beautiful pink shade. Long lustrous hair completes this Indian barbie's look.saree with a big golden border which look like very pretty.

Buy this Indian Barbie here:
Barbie Collector Edition Year 1995 Dolls of the World Collection Series 12 Inch Doll - Indian Barbie with 2 Piece Sari with Shawl, Slippers, Hair Brush and Doll Stand
Amazon Price: $25.99

Barbie as the Royal Indian Princess
 This one is from the Expressions of India collection. Very rare and hard to find.

Barbie And Ken In India looks breathtakingly beautiful in her Indian avtaar. Ken keeps her company looking so handsome in his intricately designed colorful Sherwani. Bring them both home.If you want to buy this Barbie and ken click on given here.

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif is India's own Barbie doll. She has a look alike Barbie which can be bought from India's Ebay. This one is not clad in Indian attire (unfortunately) but it is still gorgeous nevertheless which shouldn't be shocking considering Katrina Kaif is the muse! In the video shown below Katrina Kaif tells you how she's having a gala time being Barbie's Indian celebrity face.

Wedding barbies are available at market from 1000 to 2000 and Normal Indian barbies are from 150 and above.
For buy this Beautiful Barbie's send mail to [email protected]

Gold Rate Today

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Foam Flower Crafts for Kids Crafts

Foam Flower Crafts for Kids

                                                           Foam Flower Crafts for Kids
Learn how to make Foam Flower Crafts for Kids.Cut a circle out of a sheet of foam.
The circumference of the circle can be as small or as large as you want. Fold the circle in half. Make sure it's folded neatly, so that the shape of the calla lily will turn out right. Alter the circle to create a rounded heart shape. Start by placing the scissors at the bottom point of the folded foam. Cut along the edge of the circle, then dip the scissors in at the top of the circle to make a rounded edge. when you unfold the circle, it should look like a rounded heart, with two subtle humps at the top; the bottom of the heart should remain rounded. The classic heart shape has a sharply pointed bottom tip, but in this case you want to keep the bottom rounded with a slight point.

Gather the lily bloom around the pipe cleaner. Put a dab of hot glue on the front of the yellow pipe cleaner right at the cleft in the lily bloom. Take the two sides of the lily bloom (right where you made the slit) and pinch them together in front of the pipe cleaner, pressing them down so that they stick to the hot glue dab. You can add an extra dab of hot glue between the sides to help them stay in place. 

Make a stem out of a green pipe cleaner. Wrap the top of the pipe cleaner around the base of the yellow pipe cleaner, so that the yellow is completely obscured. Leave the tail of the green pipe cleaner straight, so it resembles a stem.

                                              The cylindrical shape of a calla lily bloom

Other ideas with Foam Flower Crafts:

                                                               Foam Flower Box

                                     Foam Flower Crafts Photo frame tree
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How to make Flying flower cups crafts

 How to make Flying flower cups

You need:
coffee cup and saucer
two-wire cable(depending on the height of the cup)
hot glue gun
faux flowers

How to Make:

Fill the cup with flowers and greenery with glue gun closely as possible.Then proceed with the wrapping wire. Glue the flowers around the wire, they will add volume. Then move on to the saucer and arrange the flowers so that they look like they were spilling in it.The same way you can make the flying cups with other flowers with different colors, or you can make Easter eggs and chickens.
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Plastic Water Bottle Flowers Recycle plastic bottles crafts

Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

How to make beautiful and colorful flowers out of recycled plastic water bottles.
if you paint only at the back side of the flower, it will get the glass like shiny look from the front view.

Best recycling idea..we can use them with lights, vases and as garlands. It would be great if you use these flower lights on outside plants.Can also be used as water floating flowers and lot more..

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1000 creative ideas of reciclar plastic bottles

1000 creative ideas of reciclar plastic bottles

Make different type of crafts with waste bottles.

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Waste bottle bed lamp

Waste bottle bed lamp

Make a beautiful bed lamp with waste bottle and glitters.
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Pistachio Shells flower,pista shells flower,pista shells crafts

 Pistachio Shells flower

pista shells crafts

Pista shell Bowl 

pista shell Flower Vase

                                                         Pista shell Photo Frame
                                                           pista shell Flower Vase
                                                  Pista shell Arti Thali

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