Diya aur Bati Recipe,Valentine's day recipes,beetroot recipes,beetroot recipe with khoya


2beetroots(rosted peeled and chopped and blended)
1cup khoya
1cup coconut powder
1/4cup sugar
2tbsp coco powder
10 almonds
pinepple essens
2tbsp butter
food color


Take a pan add butter let it melt,add beetroot paste statute for a min,add coco powder,sugar,coconut powder and khoya.putt off gas and make smooth dough.if mixture is too dry you can add milk.Take 3,4tbsp of khoya in a bowl add food color and pineapple essen mix well.Now make beetroot mixture into diya shapes. Fill these diya with the khoya mixture and use almonds as a flame.serve special sweets to your children.Dabetic patients can use the stevia insted of sugar,khoya. 
Stevia benefits:
Lose Weight,Safe for Teeth,Lower High Blood Pressure,Decrease Blood Sugars,

Aids in calcium formation.

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