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Large banana peeled
1 Cup pancake mix
½ Cup Water
Nonstick cooking spray
1½ Cup strawberries
½ Cup applesauce


Place banana in a medium bowl and mash into small pieces.Add banana into pancake mix. Stir until blended.The batter will be sticky. More water can be added if needed.Spray nonstick cooking.Heat over medium heat on stovetop . Pour ¼ cup of batter for each pancake into hot skillet.Cook pancakes until they are golden brown in color . Flip pancakes over with a spatula. Cook until they are golden brown . Repeat until you have used all the batter.Place berries and applesauce in a small microwave safe bowl . Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap.Be sure to leave a little opening for the steam to get out.Use pot holders to remove the bowl from the microwave.Place pancakes on each plate.fruit topping over pancakes and Serve .

 Health benefits of strawberry:

They may reduce the risk of degenerative disease,reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Use strawberries to stop stressing,Prevent bone loss with strawberries,They’re high in antioxidants.

nutrtional facts of strawberry: 

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