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How to make a Kundan rangoli

Items need:

OHP sheet
Blue tear drop rhinestones
White rhinestones
Ball bead chain is gold color
Fabric Glue
Take OHP sheet for the base which are easily available in any stationery store.Draw the outline and cut out in the required shape. This rangoli is made with one circular piece as the base.
At the center  of circle glue on a white rhinestone.Cut a small piece of the bead ball chain and glue it around the white rhinestone like an outline.
Keep glue on the petals of the flower which design we have.Similarly, keep gluing on the stones to form a flower.
Now for the outline of the rangoli, glue on the bead ball chain along the outline of the plastic sheet. Do this slowly so that the circle is neat.

Allow the glue to dry well.The completed design look like below

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