how to protect car from holi colors,how to remove stains from car

How to protect car from holi colors

Prevention is better than cure. Strictly avoid taking off your car and driving it around in cities on this day. If you have a separate parking garage, if you have a car cover this would be the ideal time to use it and keep your prized possession under wraps.However, if you live in a complex where it’s hard to avoid being part of the Holi celebrations,Wash and clean the car and then apply a good coat of wax polish on the car. The wax polish will prevent colours from soaking into the top-coat of the paint. If your car was recently “Teflon” coated, that too would do.

If the car is going to be used on Holi, then you better take some precautions for the interiors as well. Get large size polythene bags if you have them and use them over the headrest and backrest on the seats. If that’s not possible, use old curtains or terry towels you may have at home and drape them around the seats, using safety pins to keep them in place. Wrap things like inside door handles, the steering wheel and gear knob in cling film or food wrap to prevent colour getting on it.
How to remove stain from car:
First wash and clean the car using only water and a good car shampoo. Don’t use household detergent or dish cleaning liquid, as they are very harsh and will remove the polish film from the car’s surface as well. Use such harsher detergents only if regular car shampoo and water does not work.
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