women's day celebration ideas,women's day celebration in office,women's day celebration in office ideas

There are may ways to do this.
1. Organize a woman centric movie for all together to watch followed by dinner/lunch/tea.
2. Have a competition like salad competition or embroidery
3. Have fun games organized such as cricket or kho-kho
4. One can go for food stalls.
5.Have an essay or speech or debate on womens issues.

You could make some streamers in bright colours and some posters which say positive things about women, and perhaps things that women are working for too, such as equal pay and conditions.
Each woman could bring a special lunch and all the women go into the tea room of park, and share the food at a picnic.
You could invite the oldest woman at the office to talk a little about how anything has changed since she was a young woman.
Become educated about global women’s rights issues.
Women are oppressed and persecuted all over the world in countless ways, including sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, dowries, honor killings and rape. Raising awareness of these important issues is an important step in addressing the international persecution of women.  For a brief overview of international domestic violence issues, check out our online article dedicated to international women’s issues and read some of the stories of our clients who have had to face these horrors.
Attend a lecture or forum.
Attend a parade or celebration in honor of international women’s day.
Help women in need.
International includes your neighborhood and community.  Go through your closet, pantry and basement and donate food, clothes, toys, toiletries or time to a women’s shelter or organization in your area.  You might also try organizing a fundraiser at your business.  Sanctuary for Families accepts many different forms of donations and can help you set up a corporate donation drive.
Recognize women's roles in your life.  
Take a few minutes to look at your own life experiences and review the influence women have had in your life.  Thank the women who have contributed to your life in meaningful ways and try to address any pain that you may have been caused by the women close to you.  Recognizing the effect of women on our growth allows us to enjoy the positive and heal the negative.  Talk to your spouse, sister, mother, and grandmother about how their lives have changed so you can recognize the achievements of the women in your own life as well as in your community.  If you have children, include them in the conversation as well.
Make a Donation to a local women’s organization, such as Sanctuary for Families.
Sanctuary for Families offers hope to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence through counseling, legal services, food, clothing, shelter and a chance for independence.  Sanctuary depends heavily upon private funding to support the variety of innovative programs and services it provides to domestic violence victims and their children.
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