Jodha Akbar Episode 218 April 17 2014

 Jodha Akbar Episode 218  April 17 2014

 Jodha Akbar serial on zee tv
Mahamanga has a secret prisoner held under her orders. Meanwhile Akbar's search for Jodha takes him all over Mathura. He is looking for a lady with a Krishna's statue in her hands. He finally finds a man who has seen a woman with a Krishna idol in her hands. But Akbar meets the wrong girl. Akbar continues the search. Meanwhile Adgah finds something wrong with the calculations in the royal treasure and find Adam Khan guilty about it. Adgah warns him about it but this only angers him. Mahamanga tries to cool down her son and takes the matters into her hands. At Mathura, Jodha gets involved in an incident and people start throwing stones at her. Akbar sees this and tries to cover her not knowing that the woman he is helping is Jodha. Jodha recognizes Akbar's voice.
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