Mangammagari Manavaraalu Episode 233 April 23 2014

Mangammagari Manavaraalu  Episode 233 April 23 2014

Mangammagari Manavaraalu 

Mangamma, who is a very strong and rich old lady, due to some health problems she is unable to walk and needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair. But that doesn't hamper her from showing her anger when someone or something goes against her wishes. Everyone is so scared of her wrath and no one dare oppose her, not even her husband.

She has a grandson by name Sakethram, who she dotes on. He too likes his grandmother. Granny decides to get Sakethram married. She has her own set of rules and norms as to what Sakethram's bride should be like. Finally, she comes across Seetha.

Granny gathers all the information she can on Seetha. She was very impressed by what she sees and hears about Seetha and immediately takes the decision and approaches Seetha in her own way by verifying many things including a health check-up. Everyone in Seetha's family is delighted. Much against Seetha wishes, the family goes for the 'Traditional' family get-together where the bride is shown. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to understand the old lady's character, her money power and how well she flaunts it to her advantage. Seetha is dazed by all the things happening around her. And more importantly, she doesn't understand the way her fiancée acts like a puppet in his Granny's hands. She realizes that Sakethram has no individuality. Everything is linked to his Granny whims and wishes. Shocked by all the incidents Seetha at one stage refuses to marry Sakethram.

The story mainly run around the conflict between pride and self respect, and interesting twists & turns that happen. Mangamma's character is being played by famous silver screen actress 'Shiva Parvathi'
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