Timelapse of Blood moon eclipse over Americas

Timelapse of 'blood moon' eclipse over Americas

Rare total lunar eclipse caught on tape
The first total lunar eclipse in two and a half years is taking place on April 15th. The rare event will be visible over much of North ..
Lunar eclipses can only be seen at night, the entire event will be visible from North and South America but viewers in northern and and eastern Europe, eastern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia will be out of luck. 
Don't Miss Tonights "Blood Moon" Total Lunar Eclipse
Praying for clear skies here on the East Coast! Get out around 2:45AM EST and you will be just in time for the big show.. Total
Total Lunar Eclipse 2014 Amazing! Blood Moon April 14th/15th 2014 Tetrad Blood Red.
If you miss these opportunities, stargazers will have to wait until 2032 and 2033.

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