World Autism Awareness Day 2014 by Aarambh Association, Hyderabad

 World Autism Awareness Day 2014 by Aarambh Association, Hyderabad

Autism Spectrum Disorder has many levels, but what is a level without happiness in the child?
We believe the parents should be the main teacher of their children. Our services will show the path and encourage that knowing, loving, working and playing with a child makes all the difference in the happiness and well-being of the child.
Our program for parents and kids produces cost savings by reducing subsequent need for therapy and support services.

APH wants to reiterate to all Autism families that:
“A child with Autism is not ignoring you, they are waiting for you to enter their world
APH will knock every door, every family and everyone in the society and will request to listen about special needs kids. “Kids do not need anything from you - All they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand them.”
APH team will work with all the local organizations and will join hands in instilling words of confidence and offering guidance at every step to the parents.

Who is doing this ?
Autism Parents Hub, an initiative taken up by Mr. Praveen from USA who had difficult experiences in the past when his child had been diagnosed with Autism. A positive approach taken by Mr. Praveen and his family in handling the child in coordination with teachers, therapists, services, interventions and technology resulted in a multi-fold overall development and happiness in the child’s life now.

His USA based team has joined now with Indian friends to form Autism Parents Hub (APH) with collaboration of services from special needs parents, therapists, early childhood education teachers and speech clinicians in USA and in India.

What is next?
APH’s US based team will be in Hyderabad in the month of July 2014 (date and location TBD) for the official launch of the business operations which will be attended by parents, teachers, doctors, therapists and media.

APH would strive to utilize this opportunity to introduce its vision, goals and services.

Your presence, feedback and suggestions are important to us to improve our services and ongoing activities.

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