How to make pooja thali at home decorative aarti thali how to make puja thali at home Diwali Thali Making

How to make pooja thali at home

Decorative aarti thali these aarti thali also know as pooja thali , puja thali , wedding thali , decorative thali , decoration thali , wedding phokhana thali , navratari thali , decorative metal thali , aarti thal , pooja thal , puja thal , owernachi thali , hawan pooja thal , aarti thali.

Decoration of a Puja Thali
Take a thali made of any metal such as copper, steel, gold, silver or brass,of any shape and with less designs as it need to decorate much.
Put a colourful designer packing paper sheet or cloth on the plate and keep all the puja imple ments on the plate.Otherwise,spread ghee or butter on the plate and put some roli small bowl and mix a little bit of water to produce a paste.Now with this roli paste draw the holy symbols like the 'Om', the 'Swastika' and the 'Shree' on the plate or the thali.
To change the look of the thali or the plate into a green look then use the betel leaves put it on the thali or plate.The colourful puja implements when put into the green thali or plate it will have amarvelous look.
Put petals of different flowers such as rose, marigold or any other,of different colours and decorate it on the thalis or plate.
The decoration of the thale or plate can be done by the use of different type of rangoli colors and putting diyas on it.
The decoration of the thale or plate can also be done with rice grains and Kumkum and put some flowers on with the diyas .
The thali or plate can also be decorated with water paint by drawing different types of symbols such as Om and Swastika.Without drawing on the thali or plte paste designers stickers on it.

There are many more implements used in decorating an integral
part of a traditional Hindu Puja Thali :
Bells (Ghanta/Ghanti)
Betel Leaf (Paan)
Betel Nut (Supari)
Camphor (Kapur/Kapoor)
Coconut (Nariyal)
Desi Ghee/Clarified Oil
Havan Samagri
Honey (Madhu)
Kumkum (Roli/Sindoor)
Lamps/Diyas (Diyas)
Other Puja Thali Items
Other Implements of Puja Thali
Akshat or Rice Grains :The unbroken rice grains are Known as Akshat.It is also prefer to the brain's steadfastness and firmness.It is also the symbol of peace. It is given at the foot of the deities by uttering the mantras to gain wealth and prosperity. The mantra is:"Akshtaashcha Surshreshtth Kumkumaaktaah Sushobhitaah. Mayaa Niveditaa Bhaktyaa Grihaann Parameshwar."

Hand Spun Flower:Hand Spun Flower are beautiful hand-woven garlands made of flowers and fibres such as wool,cotton,etc. are the important implements use to decorate the idols of any God or Goddess which is regularly follwed.
Panchpatra & Pali (Charanamrit Set):Panchpatra & Pali set is made of brass and it is an important part of puja.In it the the holy charan amrit is put infront the deity at the starting of the puja and it distributed among the people totally.The meaning of Charanamitra, Amrit (Holy Nectar) from the Charan (Feet of the Lord) of the God worshipped and it is the sacred gift at end of the puja.
Niranjan:It is an important part of any rituals or puja.It is a decorative wick-lamp holder in which five wicks are kept in oil or ghee.
Cotton:It is used to make cotton wicks at time of kindling the lamp in any festival Puja.At the time of ritualistic "Abhishek" or "Snana" of the deity is made, a packet of cotton is given or used as a symbol of clothing.
Sacred Red:It is a red cotton thread and it is an important accessories of the puja.Mouli or Kalawa is a roll of red cotton thread which is very sacred and used in Hindu rituals.It is bind around the Sadhana accessories,that is it is bind around the copper tumbler filled with water.On its mouth five mango leaves are kept with a coconut and a red cloth on them and this i known as "Kalash Sthapana".The red sacred thread is bind around the wrist of the members of one's family,before starting the Puja.All married men and women wear it on their right hand and the others wear it on their left hand.Only in the case of Brahmin females the above rules of wearing the thread is not applicable.The thread is weared to signify of getting God's blessings.

Abir:It is an important implement of the Puja.It is Mainly used put a mark that is to put "tilak" on the forehead of the deity and also used to decorate.
Haldi:Haldi or Turmeric is used For puting "tilak" on the forehead of the deity.It also used to decorate.
Janeu or Janou:It is the most important integral of the Hindu culture,which is to wear the sacred white thread.It is compulsory and very important to wear the sacred thread while performing any Puja.Upanayan Sanskar is held at the time when an unmarried boy the Janeu is granted and after this one can perticipate in in any Vedic ritual.
Dry Fruits:Different type of dry fruits are used in Puja thali,it consists of almonds, cashews, walnuts, kismis & pista.

puja thali are used in ganesh uttsav for doing pooja of lord shree ganesh , ganesh aarti thalis which  are used for pooja archana of lord shree ganesh.

Puja Thali Decoration:


Diwali is the puja of Lights,Crackers and sweets.On this day Lord Laxmi(Goddess of Wealth) and Lord Ganapati(the Lord of Wisdom) is worshipped,to get wisdom and prosperity in the life of people.Diwali is a big puja where one's hole family sits and prays together to the deities with various important materials like like flowers, sandalwood, kumkum, aroma sticks, diya and panchamrits.

Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration

On the occasion of Navratri, the aarti thali is considered to be an important item to perform a puja. The aarti thali which consists of decorative puja items look pretty when placed on the puja table. There are certain essential things which needs to be placed on the Navratri aarti thali in order to make it look beautiful and attractive. The thali plate consists of lamps, kumkum and of course an idol looks very authentic when placed on a beautiful plate. There are different types of plates available in the Market which you can make use of. However, the steel plates are commonly used. But, today, copper thalis are becoming a hit! Copper thali are much better to use for Navratri because it is lighter in weight, and thus makes it easier to perform the puja too.
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