Pamela Anderson reveals sexual abuse from age of 6

 Pamela Anderson reveals sexual abuse
 Actress Pamela Anderson revealed Friday that she suffered from sexual abuse throughout her childhood and its starting at age 6 when she was molested by a babysitter.
The former "Baywatch" star talked about it in remarks at the launch of her animal rights charity -- The Pamela Anderson Foundation -- at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

From her blog it has more information as below
Part 1
Hello Everyone,
Sorry about the venue change -
But I think I like this better. La plage gold - blonde beach?
It's meant to be.
This is going to be good. The start of another crazy adventure-
Welcome-  to the next chapter of my life...
I am so happy to finally launch PAF -The Pamela Anderson Foundation -strange reading your own name out loud. Even stranger
that I feel now - might be the time to reveal some of my most painful memories.
At the risk of over exposing myself...again
possibly being inappropriate...again.
I thought I might share with you- events that
In surviving -drove me to this point...right now.
I did not have an easy childhood--
Despite loving parents-
I was molested from age 6-10 by my female babysitter-
I went to a friends boyfriends house - while she was busy. The boyfriends older brother decided he would teach me backgammon which led into a back massage which led into rape- my first heterosexual experience. He was 25 yrs old- I was 12-
My first boyfriend
in grade 9  decided it would be funny to gang rape me
(with 6 of his friends)
Needless to say I had a hard time trusting humans-
I just wanted off this earth.
My parents tried to keep me safe- but to me - the world was not a safe place - my dad - an alcoholic- my mom worked 2 jobs waitressing --
my mom was always crying--
Dad didn't always come home leaving us in tremendous pain
and worry.
I couldn't bare to give her any more disruptive information.
I couldn't break her heart any more than it was breaking.
I kept these events to myself -
Sometimes when you smile,
it's not because your happy. It's because your strong. (Her words)
My affinity with animals
Saved me- they came to me naturally.
The trees spoke to me.
I wasn't sure why I was alive.
A burning question -
a quest -
My loyalty remained with the animal kingdom- I vowed to protect them and only them- I prayed to the whales with my feet in the ocean. My only real friends -till I had children.
Then I realized humanity is suffering..
Our children are born perfect.
We were all struggling with right and wrong -and why?
Baywatch was a turning point for me. Reluctantly famous (in over 150 countries)  I tried to make sense of my place on earth. I started to realize - while being interviewed endlessly about silly things. That I had a Voice!!!
I contacted PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals)
I asked them for information to share in these interviews about any animal issue in that country. Dan Mathews Vice President of PETA and I -
became Partners in Crime.
We have endless stories. -
Too many to mention here-
We have changed animal welfare laws all over the world -
And - over the last 20 years
I've spoken to press, parliament, presidents, kings, queens,
I've had the ear and admiration of people like Castro,
and... Crazy enough-  Putin?
There must be away to use this for good. Hmmm. Well,
Russia stopped the importation of seal products - which closed 90 percent of the market.
I know what I'm good at-
I'm brilliant at connecting people. --Communicating,
l live a sensual life.
Sensitive and rewarding.
This is the platform I will use.
Compassion. LOVE-
Now tonight-
I chose backgammon for a few reasons - I love gambling ~gamblers-- It can be an elegant thought provoking game--
And- it gets peoples off their cell phone ...
...Human interaction.
Among interesting people.
Maybe - something good will be born here. A connection.
...Relationships made.
Speaking of gamblers.
I wanted to thank my husband for being my angel.
My biggest donor?
The only man (besides my boys) that I trust. (I've always trusted him).
His word means something.
He would never let me down-
Maybe- only himself.
He says - His way of helping the world to be a better place -
is caring for me- protecting me - making me happy.
I am so proud of him -
He has come a Long way-
I love you Brandon, Hunter. Thank you for being here-
My little family.
Thank you for being a part
of this misfits revolution.
I hope to help alleviate
some of the suffering in the world.
And ...
be a good example to those around me--
Where ever I am.
Please sign up for the tournament.
Good luck.
Part 2
Hope everyone is having a good time. Thank you again for being here. Now~
I am thrilled to introduce a woman who has had a brilliant - meaningful impact on the planet. In so many ways.
A kindred spirit.
Comrade in arms.
Freedom Fighter.
We met while fighting for Leonard Peltier's release. And  - the rest unfolded naturally. She told me "she didn't have to draw me a map"?-  We have become great friends and have similar passions-
Please join me - (take notes I always do.) In welcoming the goddess of Justice, art, culture,
all good things for the planet,
the infamous
Vivienne Westwood.
Part 3
It has been a pleasure -
I'm so happy with the result of tonight
And- this is just the beginning.
More fun, interesting, bonding events to come.
We have raised 100s of thousands of dollars.
.. Thank you.
I will go to work now.
Very Exciting.
And- Please
Check out
Vivienne Westwood's Active Resistance blog...(on line)
Maybe instead of watching internet porn,
Kiss your wife,
know where your children are.
Embrace intimacy.
Don't be afraid.
Go to a museum,
Think positive thoughts.
The world can be a safe and thriving place, If we all do our part - find a cause you believe in.
Support us - so we can support those on the front lines.
My foundation is dedicated to doing just that.
Thank you for your support,
your donations,
Thank you -thank you -thank you.
Tread lightly on this earth.
And -chew with your mouth closed please
Goodnight every one...
Thanks for Visiting

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