Soundarya Lahari Slokas number 6 and 46

Soundarya Lahari  Slokas number 6 and 46

"Dhanuh Paushpam Maurvi Madhukaramayi Panchavishikaah
Vasanthah Saamantho Malayamarudaayodhanarathaha!
Thathaapyekaha Sarvam Himagirisuthe Kaamapi Krupaam
Apaangaaththe Labdhvaa Jagadidamanango Vijayathe!"

Meaning: Oh daughter of the snow-clad Himalaya mountain!Kaamadeva, the God of love, has only a bow made of arrows, with its string comprised of a cluster of honeybees, and arrows barely five. The spring season (periodical and undependable) is his assistant and the southern breeze, his war-chariot. Yet, with such frail equipment, bodiless and alone though he be, Manmatha conquers the entire Universe, having obtained some favour through Thy benign side-glance.

"Lalaatam Laavanyadyuthivimalamaabhaathi Thava Yath
Dvitheeyam Thanmanye Makutaghatitham Chandrashakalam!
Viparyaasanyaasaadubhayamapi Sambhooya Cha Mithaha
Sudhaalepasyoothihi Parinamathi Raakaahimakaraha!"

Literal Meaning:"Thy forehead, shining with the pure brilliance of its divine beauty, is another crescent moon inverted ( in addition to the crescent moon already there on Thy crown). These two, if inverted and joined together would form the autumnal full moon with nectar dripping from it."

Results:Begetting of male progeny, return of husband or wife after long absence, attaining desired objectives.
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