Telangana Sankranthi Special Sakinalu,Hyderabad special Sakinalu,Pongal special


Rice – 4 cups
ajwain – ¼ cup
Sesame seeds – ½ cup
Salt – taste
Oil – oil for deep fry


Preparation requires extreme care and patience.Wash the rice and soak it in water for 8hrs.Remove the water after 8hrs and dry the rice on thin cloth. After drying, grind it as smooth flour.Clean sesame seeds with water and dry in the cloth.Fry sesame seeds for some time on low heat. Now add the fried sesame seeds, carom seeds and salt to rice flour. After add required amount of water and mix it as dough. Now take a plastic cover  or thin cloth and make the dough in the form of circles. 
Let the dough dry and they will be strong when they are dried for long time.Now place a pan on the stove and heat oil in it. Fry the dough which is in  circles in the oil.
 Now serve the sakinalu when hot. These can be stored for one month.
About Sakinalu:
The word Sakinalu is believed to be originated from "Chakinamu" or "Chakkilamu" which is based on "Chakram" which means Wheel or Circle. This is because of its circular shape. The former community prepares this traditional festival cuisine during Makar Sankranti when the fresh crop paddy yields.
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