California Deputy Sheriff Hangs From Helicopter, Rescues Oreo the dog Stranded on Cliff

A California law enforcement official saved the life of a labrador that was stuck on a cliff while hanging from a helicopter.Oreo, a black and white Labrador, somehow made her way about 40 feet down a 90-foot high cliff at the southern end of Portuguese Beach before she realized she couldn’t go any further or turn around, said Capt.

“It was kind of like a billy goat trail the dog went down. Even the dog realized it was dumb move,” Rolling said.

His owner called 911 to get assistance. In a daring rescue operation, Henry Boustany, the deputy sheriff from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office, hung from the “Henry-1” helicopter to rescue the animal.
In the video above, you can see Boustany hanging from the helicopter at the end of a 100-foot “long line,” giving hand directions to the pilot, Paul Bradley.
As a crowd watched from safety above, Bradley managed to get the helicopter into just the right spot over the small ledge while Boustany then grabbed Oreo’s chest harness.
Apparently it then took around three minutes to take the dog to the top of the cliff, according to the sheriff’s department.
In an interview with the Press Democrat, Boustany said, "The dog and I got to know each other real quick.”
"I think the dog just wanted to be out of there," he added.

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