Beautiful Indian Barbie Dolls Wedding Barbi Dolls

Beautiful Indian Barbie Dolls

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day from a young age.What she would wear and how she would look for her big day is perfectly sketched in her mind. Barbie comes to India in all resplendence, dressed in traditional Indian bridal costumes.

Get the Mattel Wedding Fantasy doll to your little girl and bring a little bit of her dreams to reality. This Barbie doll is dressed in Indian wedding attire and looks as beautiful as a blooming flower in Spring. The doll’s clothes are so intricately designed that they add effortless elegance to the appearance of Barbie. Your little girl can play with the beautiful bride as she dreams of being one herself, or organize role playing games with her friends and have a fun slumber party with the bride. The Mattel Wedding Fantasy doll is suitable for girls aged three and above.

Indian Barbie doll is part of the 'Barbies Collector Dolls of the World' collection.she is in beautiful merun wedding saree, bangles, a "bindi", eye makeup and an antique Indian head jewelry piece.The long lustrous shiny braided black hair compliments the Indian barbie perfectly.
The Indian Barbie doll is shown here wearing a pretty Bengali designer wear saree. She seems all set to rock a typical big fat Indian wedding. The saree is made of exquisite high quality fabric and why shouldn't it be? The Indian Barbie deserves no less.
The Indian  Barbie With complete Indian makeup, jewelry and attire, she looks so much like an Indian celebrity in Green wedding dress. Her facial features are the prime highlights which sets her apart from the other Indian barbies. The Barbie manufacturers have taken care to make the Barbie look like a typical Indian and they have succeeded wonderfully with this exotic looking piece. The most recommended buy for a collector!

Barbie as the Royal Indian Princess
Lovely Barbie in India which was actually manufactured in India by Mattel and was available only in India many years ago.

The Indian Barbie in wedding green she is in beautiful merun wedding saree, bangles, a "bindi", eye makeup and an antique Indian head jewelry piece.Having Garland in her hand.

Beautiful Indian Barbie in Radha dress waiting for Krishna with me ruin color saree with green border wearing beautiful garland.

The saree has a wide border and it is of a beautiful pink shade. Long lustrous hair completes this Indian barbie's look.saree with a big golden border which look like very pretty.

Buy this Indian Barbie here:
Barbie Collector Edition Year 1995 Dolls of the World Collection Series 12 Inch Doll - Indian Barbie with 2 Piece Sari with Shawl, Slippers, Hair Brush and Doll Stand
Amazon Price: $25.99

Barbie as the Royal Indian Princess
 This one is from the Expressions of India collection. Very rare and hard to find.

Barbie And Ken In India looks breathtakingly beautiful in her Indian avtaar. Ken keeps her company looking so handsome in his intricately designed colorful Sherwani. Bring them both home.If you want to buy this Barbie and ken click on given here.

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif is India's own Barbie doll. She has a look alike Barbie which can be bought from India's Ebay. This one is not clad in Indian attire (unfortunately) but it is still gorgeous nevertheless which shouldn't be shocking considering Katrina Kaif is the muse! In the video shown below Katrina Kaif tells you how she's having a gala time being Barbie's Indian celebrity face.

Wedding barbies are available at market from 1000 to 2000 and Normal Indian barbies are from 150 and above.
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