How to make a garland with satin ribbons

How to make a garland with satin ribbons

Silk/satin roses are great for decorating, enhancing clothing on special occasions, and making craft projects.Learn yourself how to make your own roses out of ribbon, satin, or silk.

Choose a material color. Reds and pinks are traditional rose colors, but you might want to make a yellow, white, or even a black flower for a different effect.

Cut the strip to about 8in (20cm) long. If it is shorter, it is harder to work with, and if it is longer, there will be far more ribbon than is required for a rose. Note that since you will cut the ribbon again when the flower is complete.

Grab one of the loose ends of ribbon and slowly pull it out of the folded accordion. Be sure to keep the other end stationary as you pull. This will bunch the folds of the accordion more closely together, making a little knot of petals. Pull until the rose is the size and shape you desire, but note that if you pull too far, the folds will pop right out and the rose will be undone cut the excess ribbon.
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