An ayurvedic cure for Thyroid problems

An ayurvedic cure for Thyroid problems

Triphala powder-300gm
Deodar stem powder-100gm
Long pepper powder-100gm
5 gm of this powder is taken twice a day with honey for the Thyroid gland to start functioning normally.
Note:The powder must be very fine.

An oil massage for Thyroid problems

Massaging a little mustard oil on the neck will strengthen the thyroid glands and decreases all kinds of thyroid problems.This is an aid and not a cure.

Nose drops for Thyroid hormone disorders
The Neem oil is extracted from the seeds to have many medicinal properties.
Using them as nose drops regulates the functioning of the Thyroid gland .
Dosage-1 drop in each nostril-preferably early in the morning on an empty stomach 

Neem tree is an important source of medicine, livestock fodder and food. A special type of food for diabetics is prepared from the gum obtained from the bark of the Neem tree.

Neem tree has medicinal, cosmetic, pesticidial, environmental, culinary uses and the young neem trees act as livestock fodder.
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