Clove Apple uses clove apple for digestive problems To get rid of houseflies and fruit flies

Clove Apple can be used for different ways
For digestion:
A ripe apple is chosen and wiped clean.Now some healthy looking cloves are inserted into the apple.This can be very strenuous, so the apple can be pre-poked with a tooth pick at the places where the cloves should go.The cloves are removed after 7-9 days and stored in a dry jar.The apple is discarded.
Tucking a clove under the tongue once a day ensures excellent digesting power.This sets right most of the digestive problems.

Room freshener:
When the clove apple is left to dehydrate (Pomander)under the right conditions,it can last for years and it is useful for warding off flies and mask bad smells.
If you only have powdered cloves, you can use this method: Stab the apple a few times. Decorate it with clove powder and place on a small plate. Then, fill your teapot with cold water, put on "low," and put 3 tablespoons of powdered cloves in the water. Doubles as an air freshener.

To get rid of houseflies and fruit flies:
Take a sweet and ripe apple,and 20 to 30 cloves.Poke the cloves randomly into the apple.
Place the newly clove-decorated apple on a plate and place it in the middle of the table.Clove oil can be used when cleaning as another source of repelling houseflies indoors.
Whole cloves can also be wrapped in small squares of cheesecloth and tied up, then hung wherever the flies are entering the house or hovering, such as in doorways or windows.

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