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Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

Indian Handicrafts have made a name for themselves the world over. Ancient skills have been honed to perfection by craftsmen who have learnt the trade from their fathers, as did their fathers before them. This tradition continues over the centuries, safeguarding the wide and varied artistic wealth of India.

Today, this tradition unfolds itself in an overwhelming variety of products, combining aesthetic appeal with utilitarian value. To satisfy modern tastes and meet international demand, design institutes have been giving a new look to these traditional crafts. A variety of products is available today in all their regional splendour.

These beautiful items are like a breath of fresh air in this age of mechanisation and mass production. The high caliber of skills exhibited in creating the products has stood the test of time. What's more, craftsmen have shown great ingenuity and flexibility in adapting to the requirements of the modern age.

Each region of India abounds in handicrafts reflecting the genius of its local craftsmen. Andhra Pradesh in the south has the distinction of having all important categories of handicrafts practiced in their traditional locations spread over different parts of the state.

Karimnagar is well known for silver Filigree of superior quality created by master craftsmen.

Bidri is another prized product of Andhra Pradesh popular in different parts of the world.

The skills of artisans can be seen in caskets, vases and trays.While places like Nagarjunakonda and Amaravathi have influenced the growth of stone-carving in places like Durgi, wood-carving received its impetus from the temple sculptures. This has made possible the creation of a variety of products in the shape of both figurines and panels that depict them from temple chariots and Gopuram (typical Hindu temple domes).

Metalware has found a new expression in the context of Andhra Pradesh with exquisite pieces of sheet-metal art deriving its motifs from the historic monuments of the Kakatiya sculpture. At the same time, the art has successfully adapted itself to imbibing the use of Persian and other motifs. This has resulted in the evolution of a whole range of utility-cum-decorative items like plant pots, vases, wall decorations and stationery items. Cast art metalware, including icons and temple sculptures depicting various themes, is also produced in certain parts of the state.

Nirmal painting, unique for reproducing motifs from the well-known art schools, has greatly expanded its market by evolving a number of household items which include large-size furniture for drawing, dining and bedrooms.

Leather puppet-making is yet another speciality which has made its way into Andhra Pradesh and developed its roots in different parts of the state. Originally conceived to meet the needs of the shadow puppet troupes, this technique is being increasingly adapted to evolve articles of home decoration.,

Andhra Pradesh has created a niche for itself in the wooden toy industry, combining both carving and painting to present interesting themes, such as village occupations, models of mythological figures, and animals in both stylised and natural forms.

Andhra Pradesh has its claim on some of the most distinguished crafts like the Kalamkari work with its origins traced back to antiquity. Kalamkari, with its resist process and application of vegetable dyes has made an impact in various parts of the world. The Kalamkari craft, as it has recently evolved in Srikalahasti, offers themes in the form of small and large decorative panels ideal for household and office decoration.

Andhra Pradesh has a rich tradition of handloom textile which has attracted attention from both within and outside the country. By carefully assimilating some of the best features of weaving styles and techniques without sacrificing on the originality, and showing a high degree of flexibility to change, the artistic handloom weaving industry of Andhra Pradesh has emerged as a potent source of some of the most unique products made in the country. The world-famous Tie and Dye cloth with its more recent innovation in furnishing fabrics, the well-known brocade and silk saris of kothakota and Gadwal, the famous Narayanpet saris and superfine Venkatagiri saris, besides Pondur Khadi are among the better known handloom textiles from the state.

The mirror embroidery of the style practised by the tribal women Banjaras, nomenclatured "Banjara Embroidery" is another important craft. It offers possibilities for the profitable use of embroidery skills of this economically backward community in the state.

Andhra Pradesh has a place of pride in floor coverings too. Carpets of Eluru and Warangal have long been known not only within the country but also in many parts of the world. All natural-wool pile carpets produced in these places are a speciality. The artistic Durry industry evolved in and around Warangal. Durries with floral and figurative motifs have contributed significantly to exports.

“Lepakshi”, the well-known temple town in Andhra Pradesh, is a repository of stone sculpture and frescoes of a high order attained during the Vijayanagar period. LePakshi as a name has thus aptly been chosen by the Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation as a name for its Marketing Wing., LePakshi serves as a vital link between the lover and buyer of objects of beauty and the legendary handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh. “Lepakshi” Emporia have endeavoured to project the artistry and elegance of Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts in order to create an impact on markets within the country and abroad.

Andhra Pradesh has a rich tradition in handicrafts, with techniques of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

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