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Consider glass-front cabinets. They provide great incentives for forcing you and your family to be organized. Any clutter or dishware put back in the wrong place will be visible. Try storing everyday dinnerware above the work surface, while hiding the clutter of pots and pans behind closed doors.

Create your own kitchen island. Buy one of those stainless-steel wire mesh trolleys by Metro shelving and get a big slab of stone, or Use a hutch. It not only provides a hallmark centerpiece for a country kitchen, it also offers abundant exposed shelving to show off an assortment of plates, glasses, cups, and crockery.butcher block to put on top.

Find attractive containers for all those items on the kitchen counter.Double everyday items as stylish storage. Bread baskets, water pitchers, and large mixing bowls are just some of the functional kitchen objects that can serve as convenient containers when not in use.

Hang pots and pans. Hanging hardware is amazingly stylish and adaptable and allows you to efficiently store frequently used equipment and supplies right where they'll be used.


Contain clutter. The secret to keeping disorder out of the bathroom is to keep all the small, loose items that are used there in separate containers.

Put a real rug, not a bathroom rug, in front of your bathroom sink. It will hold up just fine.Keeping towels off the floor of the bathroom (and other rooms) means you need a place to put not only dry, clean towels, but also wet ones.

Make your bathroom feel like a spa. Buy fabulous overscale towels in a new color. Add a few small candles and light them at night when you have guests.

Find a great antique mirror for your powder room. The slight mottling of vintage glass seems to make those tiny lines and wrinkles miraculously disappear. And when people know they look great, they have more fun.

You don't have to overhaul the bathroom to organize it. If you don't want to change your sink or vanity to add more storage, then cabinets, shelves, racks, and freestanding units are available at relatively modest prices and in various sizes.

Living Room:

If you have something a lamp, a table, even a chair with great shape but not quite enough dash, take it to your framer and have them gild it.

Consider setting the furniture and the carpet on an angle. It will change the whole dynamic of a room.
draped a Mongolian lamb's wool throw over lumpy old sofa and suddenly it was luxurious and exotic.

Instead of the usual coffee table, try a pedestal table at tea height. It's more versatile you can even pull up a few chairs and eat at it. And the scale and height creates a different landscape in the room, which is much more interesting

Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. I love a fiddle leaf fig for its sweet platypus bill-like leaves. If you want to go the extra mile, stick some up lights behind it.

For an instant fireplace, add a biofuel fireplace unit. It's a wonderfully simple installation, with no ventilation required, and they're fueled by ethanol easily purchased at the hardware store.

Art doesn't have to be a huge investment. Cut out 20 pages from a favorite book. Buy 20 inexpensive frames and place them side-by-side in rows on a wall. Repetition is powerful.

If you have a large collection of objects, showcase them with evenly spaced wall-bracket shelving. This also helps keep it organized.

Make a window seat for a favorite window. Build a plywood box and paint it. Add a cushion and pillows, and you'll have a new spot to curl up and read House Beautiful.

Organize and style your bookshelves. Group books by subject or even color. Stand some upright, and then stack some horizontally to break the monotony. Mix in favorite pieces of pottery, collectibles, shells, or family photos.

Dining Room:

Choose side chairs with delicate lines for small rooms. Chairs without arms require less space to maneuver in and out of.Buy a piece of marble from a stone yard and have them hone it and make it into a new top for a table you already own. Instant patisserie

You don't have to shut cabinet doors. An open armoire is more interesting than a closed one.If you have a dining table that stands dormant most of the time, turn it into a library table. Collect beautiful books and create small stacks around the perimeter of the table. Place a large-scale object like a globe, a piece of sculpture, or a fantastic topiary in the center. Then place a small object on top of each stack. I have used tea caddies, magnifying lenses, crystal spheres. Pick anything that interests you.
Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier. Marjorie Skouras makes one that's dripping with coral. So romantic. Who cares what you serve

Take a dull set of dining room chairs and spray-paint them black. Then splurge on a glorious fabric to cover the seats. Or what about pink patent leather.

Buy ceiling drapery track and the least expensive linen you can find and drape all the walls. Try a darker color in a dining room. It smoothes everything out and feels moody and interesting. You can even hang art from chains on top of it.

Choose a round table. The perimeter of the room will seem larger. Plus, you can always squeeze in an extra place setting, especially if the table has a pedestal base.Create a bar corner and buy beautiful bar accessories very Nick and Nora Charles.Hang a modest chandelier; it will make the table seem larger.

Bed Room:

Paint the inside of your lampshades a very pale pink. This will combat the cool light from those green fluorescent corkscrew bulbs.

make simple slipcovers for the square headboard on my bed. Just get a great piece of fabric, cut out a front and a back, and stitch them together.might do white linen in the summer, velvet in winter.
You know you're really confident when you put your bed in the middle of the room. Add bed curtains and it becomes a private domain.the mattress to be a little high, so buy bed lifts from Bed Bath & Beyond. They're like high heels for beds.

New bedding can make a bedroom feel fresh and new again,have gorgeous and sophisticated patterns that won't empty your wallet. They even make baby bedding.

If you have a corner that's kind of dead, make a rectangular pedestal out of plywood and lacquer it with high-gloss white paint. Anything you put on it, from a glass bowl to a concrete urn, suddenly becomes important. It's like a little museum installation.

Seasonal items, from guest-bed linens to winter clothes, need to be rotated in and out of long-term storage. Integrate handsome hideaways, like oversize baskets, for these items rather than just stuffing them in any available space.

Clothing, towels, bed linens, and sartorial accessories can all be used as interesting graphic elements. Store attractive, colorful garments in the open, where they not only serve as design features, they'll also be more accessible.

Create a tented effect with Indian fabric. Suspend it from the center of the ceiling to the corners of the room and then drape it down the walls, over horizontal rods mounted just under the ceiling.
Don't be afraid to mix elements. Hang contemporary art on a traditional wallpaper, or add an antique to a mostly modern room.

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