The Official Song of Telangana Telangana Logo

The Official Song of Telangana
Telangana Logo

The logo for Telangana state designed by noted artist Laxman Aelay.Laxman Aelay, the internationally recognised painter and artist, has designed the new logo of Telangana that reflects the aspirations of the people of the region.The logo of Telangana consists of the four lions, the emblem of Asoka, representing the national spirit.

The emblem is placed on top of the iconic “Kakatiya torana”, the gateway of Kakatiya dynasty that ruled the region during 11-12th century. The third element in Laxman’s logo is the Charminar.

“I chose green and gold colours for the logo. Green represents prosperity and gold is the soil of Telangana,” Laxman says.

The Official Song of Telangana  

India's 29th state, Telangana, has chosen 'Jay Telangana' as its official song. The song has been composed by 53-year-old poet Ande Sri. Mr Sri, who has never been to school, is thrilled that his composition, has been chosen as the state's official song.

He first penned the song nearly 12 years ago, and it has been widely used during the Telangana struggle.

"The credit for giving my song, this honour goes to the martyrs, revolutionaries of the Telangana struggle and over one crore children who have been singing this song every day in school and kept it alive," he says.

Jaya He Telangana The Official Song of Telangana  

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