Working Wife Vs Non Working Wife Families

Working Wife Vs Non Working Wife Families

In the olden days, man used to be the sole Bread winner. In those days women were not allowed to work outside and she used to stay at home and manage the household chores and raise her children. Women have to work these days, to have extra income, and to have a better life. Let us compare the lives of working women and non working women, whom we will refer to as homemakers.

There are Advantages and Disadvantages for Working women and Non Working Women .Now women are becoming economically independent not only in the urban cities but in the rural areas also. The lives of working women is more hectic then a non working girl or homemaker.A working girl has to look after the family , household chores and manage her office work also. Whereas, a Non working girl or Homemaker has to manage the household duties and look after herself and her family. It becomes difficult to manage household duties for working women as they cannot devote much time to their families as compared to non working women or homemakers. The working women have less time to themselves, whereas non working women have the whole time to themselves. It is difficult to say which is better.

Men give more importance to working girls than non working girls. When the time comes for match making, the parents or the groom will prefer a working girl to a non working girl, but they want that the girl should be Gharelu or Homely or traditional and coming from a good family also and should look after the homefront also.Therefore life is tough for a working girl. Everything you cant get in life and you will have to adjust. It is nice when two earnings are coming into the family. Today women are more confident and they are walking in the step with men. They have equal rights to do so. Men think a working girl will be able to understand financial matters better and they can plan a better life together. This is a wrong attitude.

Non working girls or homemakers have their own identity. Even they can face the world and meet the challenges of life. Non working girls or homemakers can manage the household work better than non working girls,even if they have no holidays like sick leave, casual leave, or earned leave which a working girl enjoys .For her it’s a 24 hours duty, which is more tiring than working in the office. Working girls can take holidays in a year when required .

A housewife can cook a number of items for meals as compared to working women. After coming from the office it is difficult to cook, at times, after a long tiring day for a working lady. So, husbands have to also help at times .This is only fair to the working woman.. It is not a female duty only to bring up kids or to cook .It is a collective effort. Luckily,in India we can get help for cooking etc. but those staying Abroad have to earn and do their housework also. There the husband has to help his wife.

Many People who are at the age of marriage and they want to marry girls who are more traditional, caring type, who could handle not only their husbands but also the household chores. This is not hidden from any body that Boys want their girlfriend to be the prettiest one and on the other hand Girls too like their boyfriend to be the coolest guy. In reality, ladies prefer to marry a dependable man and men want to marry a woman who would take care of their husbands.

As of modern times,women too are having jobs and earning sometimes more than their husbands, but if we go asking husbands what they want from their wives, I am sure their answer would be a caring wife.

For any woman it is not possible to work all day long in the office and then come back to prepare meal wth a fresh mood. At that time, as a equal earned partner.

Most of Men want to have a housewife, someone to tend to the home and kids so that they don't grow up disconnected and resentful. If they have a working wife, we would be tired all the time, the kids would grow apart from them, the house would be a mess, and a maid isn't a great substitute to a mother. Next thing you know, the marriage fails and we achieved nothing,or all depends upon individual choice..!!

1) If you choose to work because you are competent enough, you should do..
2) If working of women at home is a necessity, she should do..
3) If working doesn't hamper's her managing home, she must do..
4) If both are working resulting in a unmanagerial home.. one should stop

Do Men Prefer Their Wives to Work or Stay Home with the Kids

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center ,A large percentage of dads want their wives to be stay-at-home-moms. Of the dads surveyed, 37% think moms should stay home, and 41% think that part-time work is a good compromise.

Granted, this was a study of about 2500 people, so say this is a significant number or holds any sort of validity, but really, are we that surprised? I mean how nice would it be to go to work and have someone at home love and care for your kids, as well as keep up with the house and all the associated duties?

It is a debatable question whether the life of a working woman is better than a non working woman or a homemaker. Working or not working is a personal choice and doesn't make one superior to the other. Friends do let me know what you think about this.

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