Puranas 18 Maha Puranas

Maha Puranas

There are 18 main Puranas and an equal number of subsidiary Puranas or Upa-Puranas and many 'sthala' or regional Puranas. Of the 18 major texts, six are Sattvic Puranas glorifyingVishnu; six are Rajasic and glorifying Brahma; and six are Tamasic and they glorifying Shiva. They are categorized serially in the following list of Puranas:
1. Brahma Purana
2. Padma Purana 
3. Vishnu Purana 
4. Shiva Purana 
5. Vamana Purana 
6. Markandeya Purana 
7. Varaha Purana 
8. Agni Purana 
9. Kurma Purana 
10. Bhagavad Maha Purana 
11. Linga Purana 
12. Narada Purana 
13. Skanda Purana 
14. Garuda Purana 
15. Matsya Purana 
16. Vayu Purana 
17. Bhavishya Purana 
18. Brahmanda Purana

Puranas with Lord Vishnu as the Predominating Deity (Sattva Guna):
1) Vishnu Purana - 23,000 verses.
Stories of various devotees; a description of varnasrama; the six angas of the Veda; a description of the age of Kali; description of Sveta-Varaha Kalpa, Vishnu dharmotara.
2) Naradiya Purana - 25,000 verses.
This Purana contains a synopsis of everything; it describes Jagannatha Puri, Dwaraka, Badrinatha, etc.
3) Padma Purana - 55,000 verses.
Contains the glory of Srimad-Bhagavatam; the stories of Rama, Jagannatha, Matsya, Ekadasi, Bhrgu, etc.
4) Garuda Purana - 19,000 verses.
Subject of Bhagavad-gita; reincarnation; visnu-sahasra-nama; description of Tarsya Kalpa.
5) Varaha Purana - 24,000 verses.
Describes different vratas; Lord Vishnu's glories.
6) Bhagavata Purana - 18,000 verses. (included by some in the mode of goodness)

Puranas with Lord Brahma as the Predominating Deity (Rajo Guna):
7) Brahmanda Purana - 12,000 verses.
Describes the vedangas; describes the Adi Kalpa.
8) Brahmavaivarta Purana - 18,000 verses.
Contains the glories and pastimes of Radha and Krishna.
9) Markandeya Purana - 9,000 verses.
Stories of Rama and Krishna.
10) Bhavisya Purana - 14,500 verses.
Contains the glories of devotional service; prediction of Lord Chaitanya.
11) Vamana Purana - 10,000 verses.
Contains the story of Lord Trivikrama.
12) Brahma Purana - 10,000 verses.
Puranas with Lord Shiva as the Predominating Deity (Tamo Guna):
13) Matsya Purana - 14,000 verses.
Temple construction; describes Vamana and Varaha Kalpas.
14) Kurma Purana - 17,000 verses.
Contains the conversation between Krishna and the Sun-god (mentioned in Bhagavad-gita); Danvantari; Describes the Lakshmi Kalpa.
15) Linga Purana - 10,000 verses.
Contains the glory of Lord Nrismhadeva; Janardhana; the story of Ambarisa; the glories of Gayatri.
16) Shiva Purana - 24,000 verses.
17) Skanda Purana - 81,000 verses.
18) Agni Purana - 15,400 verses.
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