Vikrama Simha Movie Review

Vikrama Simha (kochadaiyaan) Movie Review

Womens page Rating :4.0/5
Vikrama Simha (Kochadaiyaan) 
Star Cast : Rajinikanth , Deepika Padukone
Director : Soundarya R. Ashwin
Producer : Sunil Lulla
,Sunanda Murali Manohar
,Prashita Chaudhary
Music Director:A. R. Rahman

Vikrama Simha Movie Review Story:
‘Vikram Simha’, a Period Drama, is the story of a Son (Rana) who is on a mission to help his Father (Vikram Simha), both played by Rajinikanth, regain his lost glory.

Artists Performances:
Watching a Superstar like Rajinikanth in a Photo Realistic 3D format is going to be a new experience for his massive fan base and the common audience in general. Deepika Padukone is a treat for eyes even if its Animation. The best part is bringing a legendary comedian like Nagesh (Tholi Prema fame) who had passed away back on big screen using the technology. Rest of the cast Sobhana, Nasser, Sarath Kumar, Aadi, Rukhmini and others played their part.

Plus Points:
Rajinkanth: Style, Voice & Trademark Dialogue Delivery!
Superstar introduction sequence
World-class Technology
AR Rahman’s Background score
Second Half
Visual Grandeur
An AV of 3D Motion Capture shown in the beginning
Production Values

Minus Points:

Animated Rajini: It’s too early to say how the masses will embrace it!
Lacks Technical Finesse
Long Fight Sequences
First Half
Inclusion of 3rd Rajini isn’t convincing

Vikrama Simha Movie Review
Soundarya Rajinikanth deserves appreciation for her good intention to introduce a new technology (3D Motion Capture which was earlier used in Hollywood films like Titanic and Tin Tin) for the film lovers all over Asia.

Not many of the film buffs knew about the that Rajinikanth shot for ‘Vikram Simha’ just for 7 days, Deepika Padukone for 2 days and Rest Of The Cast for another 7 days. Only the expressions and the body language of the artistes have been captured, rest of the work has been done using Technology which is the future! You might hate it or love it, but can’t ignore it!!!

Kudos to Rajinikanth and Soundarya for taking the initiative despite being aware of the huge budget, time constraint and high risk factor involved. Wish Indian Films would compete with Hollywood in terms of technology from now onwards
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