Stotras for Protection of Kids Skanda Sahsti Kavacham shasti stotram in telugu pdf Protection of Kids

stotras for Protect Kids Skanda Sahsti Kavacham shasti stotram in telugu pdf Protection of Kids

Several stotras which would be useful to girls who want to be mothers and also mothers. This definitely does not mean that there are no other stotras which would help them.Stotras to marry according to ones wish Swayamvara parvathi manthra mala stotram is the prayer which was used by Goddess Parvathi to marry Lord shiva and this same prayer was used by Gopis to marry lord Krishna.
Stotras for married women to get children
1.Vamsa Vrudhi Karam durga Kavacham This is an extremely effective prayer to get children.
2.Puthra Prapthi Ashtakam This is a prayer addressed to Lord Narasimha of Mattapalli , which is in Andhra Pradesh. The God is requested to give a son in this prayer. 
3.Sashti devi storam. This prayer is extremely popular in the east of India. Sashti devi is Devayani , who was the wife of Lord Subrahmanya. She is believed to have six heads and rides on a cat. It is strongly believed that she answers our prayers and blesses barren women with sons.
4.Slokas number 6 and 46 of Soundarya Lahari are supposed to help us in getting son.
5.Stotras to protect mothers during pregnancy and ensure a safe delivery
  • There is a temple in Thikarukavur near Tanjavur of Tamil Nadu. The presiding Goddess is Garbha Rakshambikai. If you pray her it it is believed that she would ensure safe delivery.for  Garbha Rakshambika stotram click here
  • Sloka number 29 of soundarya Lahari avoiding abortion and ensuring safe delivery.
6.Prayer to ensure increase in intelligence of children.
  • There is a prayer addressed to Lord subrahmanya to increase the intelligence of our children. This is called Pargana Vardhaka Karthikeyatotram . Devotees believe that it would improve even mentally retarded children. 
  • The first five stanzas of Sasakthi shiva navakam helps one to get expertaise in different fields of learning. Depending on his need please teach the concerned sloka to him. 
7.Prayer to ward of diseases of self as well as children
8.Prayer to help our children to live a healthy , joyous and wonderful life There is a prayer in malalayalam addressed to the ten avatharas of lord Guruvayrappan to protect our children from all dangers and illnesses as well as to help them grow him in to a wonderful person. If you do not know Malyalam please read only the translation.

In religion, there are three parts viz philosophy, mythology, and ritual. Philosophy is the essence
of religion. It sets forth its basic principles or fundamental doctrines or tenets, the goal and the
means of attaining it. Mythology explains and illustrates philosophy by means of legendary lives
of real men or supernatural beings. Ritual gives a still more concrete form to philosophy so that
everyone may understand it. The Puranas contain various myths. Skanda Purana is one of the
most important of the Puranas.

The Skanda Purana richly illustrates the advent of Lord Murugan and His Lilas. It states that at
one time the Devas were strongly oppressed by the Asura Sooran, and his brothers, Tharagan and
Singan. Being unable to bear their ill treatment they prayed to Lord Siva and out of His abundance
of compassion ejected six sparks from his third eye, the inner eye of intuition and threw them in
the Ganges, but as Ganges could not bear the intensity of the heat, threw them into the Saravana
Poykai. This is where Lord Murugan was born, hence He is called Saravanabhavan. The six sparks
took the form of six babies and they were brought up by Karthigai Pengal. Thus, He is called
Karthikeyan. God Mother Umadevi embraced all together and Lord Subramanya took a form with
six heads and 12 hands. He is also called Guhan, Murugan, Shanmugan, and Velayutham. Guha’
means “one who dwells in the cave of the heart” or “In-dweller of the heart.”

Lord Murugan killed Tharagan and Singan at first. They represent Karma Mala, and
Maya Mala. Soorapathman represents Anava Mala (ego). According to Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy, Anava Mala is not completely destroyed but remains dormant when the soul attains bliss. Skanda Purana reveals that when Lord Subramaniya’s Velayutham killed Soorapathman by splitting his body into two parts, one part took the form of a cock and adorned His flag, while the other took the form of a peacock and became His chariot.

Soorapathman was killed by Lord Murugan on the Sashti Day i.e. the Sixth day after the new moon in the month of Ipasi (October—November). That is the day on which He bestowed boon on all His devotees. All the six days including the Sashti day are regarded as auspicious days for worship and all those who fast and pray to Lord Murugan receive special boons from Him. It is said devotees who fast on all six days get the following exils eradicated: Kama (desire), Grotha (anger), Loba (miserliness), Moha (avariciousness), Matha (ego), and Macharium (jealousy).

Lord Murugan is another manifestation of Lord Siva – born as a ray of light from Sivan’s pure consciousness. Valli and Deivayanai are His two wives. They represent the power of will (ichcha-sakthi) and the power of action (kriya-sakthi), respectively. The six heads represent the six rays or
attributes. They also indicate Murugan’s control over the five organs of Knowledge as well as the mind. That His head is turned in all directions signifies He is all-pervading. They indicate that He can
multiply and assume forms at His will.

Kanthar Sashti Kavasam is a famous Tamil hymn in praise of Lord Murugan. It is composed by Sri Devaraya Swamigal and helps one to obtain the grace of the Lord. It is sung particularly on festive occasions, such as during Kanthar Sashti in October-November. When chanted daily with concentration and devotion, the kavasam serves as a protective ‘armour’ for devotees and confer
s great spiritual and material benefits. This rare and valuable treasure helps one to be successful in our daily lives.

Skanda Sahsti Kavacham in Tamil
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