Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at amfAR gala with Abhishek

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at amfAR gala with Abhishek

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who is at Cannes 2014, finally got to walk the red carpet with the most important person in her life her husband Abhishek Bachchan at the amfAR gala on Thursday (May 22).

Aishwarya Rai, who has been on a roll with her super glam looks at this year’s Cannes, scored another fashion ace and looked lovely in a shimmery Fall 2013 Armani Privé gown.

Aishwarya added a pop of colour to her lovely dress with a red bold lip colour, turquoise eye shadow and Chopard jewels. On the other hand, Abhishek Bachchan was impressive in a black bandhgala long jacket. The most awaited couple of the year, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan has finally arrived at amfAR Gala. The couple who were dressed impressively at the event is also the host for the amfAR Gala dinner 2014. 

The amfAR Gala is a world-renowned charitable fundraiser held each year since 1993 during the Cannes Film Festival. Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan who are the first couple to take the carpet at amfAR Gala Cannes 2014 looked amazing. They complemented each other to perfection and there were thrills in the air out of excitement to see this famous Bollywood couple at Cannes 2014. Aishwarya Rai who was seen in hubby's arms looked spectacular at the amfAR Gala event 2014. This time the Bollywood Indian celebrity did not opt for a Roberto Cavalli attire.
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kochadaiyaan Kochadaiiyaan movie review

kochadaiyaan movie review

Womens page Rating :4.2/5
Kochadaiiyaan (Kochadaiyaan) 
Star Cast : Rajinikanth , Deepika Padukone…
Director : Soundarya R. Ashwin
Producer : Sunil Lulla
,Sunanda Murali Manohar
,Prashita Chaudhary
Music Director:A. R. Rahman
Released on : May 23, 2014.

Historical Subject Kochadaiiyaan has taken inspiration from Pandya King Kochadaiyaan Ranadheeran and comes with a fictional account on him. Rajinikanth has done the role of a father and a son. Jackie Shroff plays the role of a baddie with Deepika Padukone and Shobana romancing Rajinikanth in different times.
Superst ar Rajinikanth's magnum opus is the story of three kings, played by Rajinikanth, Jackie Shroff and Nassar.Rajini will be seen in two roles, that of father and son. It is said that the film will capture a war between these three kings through various generations and while the father Rajini fights Jackie, the son, Rajini, will get into a tiff with Aadhi, Jackie Shroff's son in the film! Sarathkumar plays Nasser's son in 'Kochadaiyaan'.

The story is not complicated and simple to understand. But there are differnce opinions over the quality of the animation. Some say that 2d format might not work but 3d format will definetly impress audience, say international audience.

Tech Departments
AR Rahman's background score gets full marks. Rajeev Menon's cinematography and other technical departments have played their parts well.

About the director:
Soundarya R. Ashwin is the director of this film. This is her first movie as a director, she kept her heart and soul in this movie. She is quite confident on the success of the film.

About the first look and trailer:
The first look of Vikramasimha was released on 9th September 2013, coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi and the Teaser gets mixed response from the public. Talking about the trailer it got a tremendous response from the public. Nevertheless, it was viewed over 1 million times on a single day, establishing it as one of the most anticipated film teasers in the history of Telugu cinema.

About the music director:
Oscar Award winner AR.Rahman gives Vikramasimha’s music album a breath of fresh air to the audio with his songs. Some of the songs like Choodham Aakasam Antham, Yentho Nijame and Vikramasimhudive are sure shot hits. Finally, Rajinikanth’s Vikramasimha has a class and meaningful album in their hands, and have half the battle won already.

Highlights of this movie:
  •  Dialogues between the lead cast..
  • India’s first 3d motion picture.
  • Rajinikanth’s super dialogues
  • KS.Ravi Kumar story.
  • AR.Rahman back ground music.
  • climax scenes.
  • Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan voice over.
Manam 3rd Day Box Office Collection Manam Total three days Collections

Manam Movie First day collections

Manam Movie Review

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Manam Movie Review

Manam Movie Review

Womens page Rating : 4.0 / 5.0
Movie : MANAM 2014
Release date : May 23, 2014
Duration ; 2hrs 10minutes
Gener : Family Entertainer, folk sentiment
Director : Vikram Kumar
Producer : Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Akkineni Nagarjuna
Music Director : Anoop Rubens
Banner : Annapurna Studios Pvt Ltd

Starring :
Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Shriya Saran, Samantha, Brahamanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Ali, M.S.Narayana, Jayaprakash Reddy, Posani Krishnamurali, Naginedu, Saranya, Kasi Viswanath, Ravi Babu, Vennela Kishor, Melkote etc

Manam is perhaps one the most awaited films in the history of Tollywood. Starring the entire three generations of Akkineni family, this film is touted as the farewell film for the legendary ANR. We have been to the special premiere today, and are bringing you the detailed review now. Let’s see how the film is.

The film begins with telling the story of a couple in 1983. As their troubled marriage threatens to be on the verge of total collapse, a six-year-old boy stares at an orphaned future in the aftermath of a surreal happening. Cut to the present, the boy, now a revered businessman, named Nageshwar Rao, still misses his loving parents. As his subconscious yearns to meet them, happy coincidences change his life forever.

The film starts off with a feud between a couple in Radha Mohan(Naga Chaitanya) and Krishnaveni(Samanta). They have a little son named Bittu. After a few days of problems in their marriage, the couple dies in a car accident.The small kid, Bittu grows on to become a rich and successful business man in Nageswara Rao(Nagarjuana). One fine day, Nageswara Rao gets the shock of his life, when he meets Nagarjuna(Naga Chaitanya) and Priya(Samanta). This immediately reminds him of his parents, and he then plans to develop love between the young couple and get them married.?On the ?other hand, one fine day, Nageswara Rao accidentally helps an old man Chaitanya(ANR) and also meets Anjali(Shriya) in the hospital. This time it is a shock for Chaitanya, who sees Nageswara Rao and Anjali together.Why is Chaitanya shocked ? What does he have to do with the entire set up ? How are these characters connected ? For all these answers you need to watch the film on big screen.

Surprise Package :

There are two surprise packages that is Big B Amitabh and Akkineni Akhil make a special appearance!
Akhil seems to be all set to rock with his excellent screen presence.

Plus Points:

Where do I start from in this section. Every frame of Manam, is just a celebration. The concept, execution and the way the entire movie has been handled is supremely brilliant.It is just a treat for the eyes to watch all three generations of Akkineni family in one frame. Starting with the legendary ANR, he just proves what an legendary actor he is. His screen presence, and the way he has gone about his role, is probably the best thing in the film.Nagarjuna plays the sheet anchor’s role to perfection. His scenes with Chaitanya are hilarious, and both the father and dad share a sizzling chemistry. If this was not enough, icing on the cake are the scenes between ANR and Naga Chaitanya in the second half. One particular where the entire three generation actors have a drink is hilarious, and has been conceptualized perfectly.With this film, Chaitanya has gone a step ahead and has grown as an actor. Though he looks like an underdog in front of seasoned actors like Nagarjuna and ANR, he surprises everyone with his improved acting skills. He looks mature and has shown good variations in his character.Samanta has probably the best role among the female leads, and performs to the tee. Her scenes with Nagarjuna are wonderful and bring out beautiful emotions. While
Samanta steals the show in the first half, it is Shreya who does an awesome job in the second. She shares a beautiful chemistry with Nag, and especially their love track has been executed perfectly.Anup Ruben’s music is yet another major plus for this movie. All the songs go with the flow, and have a sweet feeling. There is high voltage of entertainment factor in this film, as multiple stars scorch the screens.

Last but not the least, Akhil’s dynamic entry makes the movie complete. The way his cameo has been inserted in the story is brilliant. Akhil looks are to die for, and this young Akkineni entrant has sizzling screen presence. To sum up, one can say that if audience will miss ANR, he will definitely live on in the form of Akhil.

Minus Points:
Probably the one and only minus point in the film is the less screen time that ANR appears. Some logical scenes between Samanta and Naga Chaitanya about how they recollect their past, is not that convincing.
But who cares, all this goes washed away in this beautiful film.

Highlights of this movie :
Naga Chaitanya's Character name in this film is "Nageswara Rao"
Movie has an Amazing Interval Bang which has some Interesting twists and reveals the story
Bollywood Baadshah Amithab Bacchan and lavanya Tripathy Done a Guest roles in this film
Brahmanandam Comedy and scenes between Ali,Samantha and Chaitu are big assets of the film
Two songs from the film were beautifully shot at Araku valley
ANR looks is a big highlight of the film and he will be the director for all 3 Generations in the film
Movie has a rich productional values like Vikram Kumar’s stylish Direction and Anup Rubens BGM
Movie Run Time is 2hrs 10 minutes
Climax 15 min of the film will touch the hearts of Audience.

Naga Chaitanya will be seen as father of Nagarjuna in a timeline and grandfather of ANR
The film is touted to be an interesting knit between two different eras of time.
This is the first ever telugu movie which covers all Three Generations from the single family
Movie is releasing grand in more than 100 Screens in AP and over all 2000 Screens worldwide
This is the first film in Tollywood history which is releasing in more than 100 Theaters in USA
This is the last film of Legendary actor ANR, Which is releasing after his heaven death.

Manam 3rd Day Box Office Collection Manam Total three days Collections

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kidney stones A simple tip for kidney stones Varun tree How to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

How to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

What are Kidney Stones?
Stones can be formed from a variety of substances, but the most common stones are made of calcium and oxalate that has crystalized in the urinary tract. Other types of stones include struvite, uric acid and cystine. While stones themselves are painful enough, they can lead to more serious conditions such as obstruction of the urinary tract, permanent damage to the kidneys, and even life-threatening infections. I’ve seen patients in the hospital who have come in with necrotic kidneys due to obstruction from a stone, so this can become a serious condition if not managed properly.

Conventional medical professionals take a multi-pronged approach to treating kidney stones, including surgical removal, using shock waves to break up the stone into smaller, passable pieces, and various medications to prevent future stones from forming. There are a few conventional dietary guidelines for preventing future stone formation, but most of these guidelines are based on the composition of the stone, not the true pathology behind why the stone actually formed. After all, why do some people eat junk food, or foods with high calcium and/or oxalate content, drink barely any fluids, and never experience kidney stones, while I’ve had patients who eat healthy diets, drink plenty of fluids, and still develop stones?
There are two types of stones:
Uric acid stones
Calcium stones (90% of the stones)
Symptoms to look for:
• Stones cause problems when they move from the kidney to the urinary tract
• Urine turns brown or red in colour due to presence of blood
• Uncontrollable urge to urinate
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• As stones grow, they cause unbearable pain
• Crystallisation of chemicals and minerals present in urine leads to kidney stones
Natural home remedy using kidney beans:
Take 60 gm kidney beans.Add 4 L of water.Heat for 4-5 hr.Strain the liquid through a fine muslin cloth. Allow the liquid to cool.Drink 1 glass of this liquid once every 2 hr in a day.Do this for a week.Do not use the liquid or the beans again 24 hr after the 1st preparation
Natural home remedy using horse gram and pomegranate seeds:
Take 1 cup of horse gram.Add ½ L water.Heat the mixture till water level reduces to 1/5th.Strain and collect the soup.Add 2 tsp of crushed pomegranate. Mix well. Drink once a day
Natural home remedy using basil leaves and honey:
Take 10-15 basil leaves.Crush them to make paste.Take 1 tsp of basil leaf paste.Press on a sieve and extract its juice.Add 1 tsp honey. Mix well.Drink this every day

Add Lemon To Your Water:
This is a natural treatment that conventional nephrologists have gotten right. While lemon water is often touted as a cleansing or alkalizing drink, the main reason it is helpful in reducing stone formation is its citric acid content.

Citric acid (not to be confused with vitamin C or ascorbic acid) inhibits stone formation and breaks up small stones that are beginning to form.It works in a few different ways. Citrate binds with calcium in the urine, reducing the amount of calcium available to form calcium oxalate stones. It also prevents tiny calcium oxalate crystals that are already in the kidneys from growing and massing together into larger stones. It also makes the urine less acidic, which inhibits the development of both calcium oxalate and uric acid stones.

You’ll need about a half a cup (4 oz) of lemon juice added to water throughout the day to get the same benefits as taking a potassium citrate pill, which is one of the standard pharmaceutical treatments for kidney stones. You can either take this all in one shot, or spread your intake of the lemon juice throughout the day. Try adding half a cup (or more!) of lemon or lime juice to a 32 ounce bottle of water and sip on it throughout the day. If you prefer, you can also try adding apple cider vinegar, which also contains citric acid and is an alkalizing addition to your beverages.

Eat More Carbohydrates:
very low carb diet can lead to profound health problems in certain individuals, such as depressed thyroid function, nutrient deficiencies like scurvy, and even insulin resistance.A simple tip for kidney stones:
Drinking a cup of thin rice porridge along with a few pinches of turmeric powder and a little jaggery is very beneficial for people suffering from kidney stones.
Varun flowers tea help for kidney problems and Diabetes:
flowers are washed well and boiled in a cup of water.The filtered infusion is aromatic and it has many curative properties some of which are listed below.
It helps in removing kidney stones by breaking them into small pieces.
It purifies the blood
It is helpful in normalising the blood sugar levels
It makes the skin healthier
Most of the urinary problems are solved.
It strengthens the kidneys. 
Crataeva nurvala-Varun tree:      
Varuna tree or Three leaved caper is a medicinal tree which is found throughout India. It is found abundantly in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Assam and also distributed in sub-Himalayan tracts.

Its bark and leaves are used for medicinal purpose. It is one of the best medicinal herb useful in treating urinary disorders and stones. In Ayurveda its use is recommended for blood purification, urinary & bladder problems and calculi. The bark of this tree has appetizer, diuretic and litholytic activities.

The various parts Crataeva nurvala tree is internally and externally.
Its leaves and skin of bark is grinded with water and this paste is applied externally on inflammation of lymph nodes on neck, on pus, fluid filled wounds and rheumatic joints. In case of spleen enlargement, externally leaves pulp is applied on abdomen.
For internal use its leaves are used to prepare decoction which is useful in curing gas, pain in abdomen, anorexia, tumours, liver disorders, flatulent dyspepsia, helminthiasis and fever. Leaves can also be eaten in form of vegetable. Its leaves taken in form of juice or vegetable acts as tonic.

The bark of tree is used to prepare decoction for curing painful urination, kidney stones and kidney cysts.

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Clove Apple uses clove apple for digestive problems To get rid of houseflies and fruit flies

Clove Apple can be used for different ways
For digestion:
A ripe apple is chosen and wiped clean.Now some healthy looking cloves are inserted into the apple.This can be very strenuous, so the apple can be pre-poked with a tooth pick at the places where the cloves should go.The cloves are removed after 7-9 days and stored in a dry jar.The apple is discarded.
Tucking a clove under the tongue once a day ensures excellent digesting power.This sets right most of the digestive problems.

Room freshener:
When the clove apple is left to dehydrate (Pomander)under the right conditions,it can last for years and it is useful for warding off flies and mask bad smells.
If you only have powdered cloves, you can use this method: Stab the apple a few times. Decorate it with clove powder and place on a small plate. Then, fill your teapot with cold water, put on "low," and put 3 tablespoons of powdered cloves in the water. Doubles as an air freshener.

To get rid of houseflies and fruit flies:
Take a sweet and ripe apple,and 20 to 30 cloves.Poke the cloves randomly into the apple.
Place the newly clove-decorated apple on a plate and place it in the middle of the table.Clove oil can be used when cleaning as another source of repelling houseflies indoors.
Whole cloves can also be wrapped in small squares of cheesecloth and tied up, then hung wherever the flies are entering the house or hovering, such as in doorways or windows.

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Home Remedies for Vomiting Ayurvedic Tip for Vomiting

Home Remedies for Vomiting

Vomiting is a symptom of underlying disease and not a specific disease. It is an act of forcible of emptying the stomach contents. The stomach has to overcome the pressures that are normally in place to keep food and secretions within the stomach. During a vomiting episode, the stomach turns itself 'inside out' - forcing itself into the lower portion of the esophagus.

The signal to vomit can be stimulated by smells, taste, various illnesses and emotions (such as fear), pain, injury, food irritation, dizziness, motion, and other changes in the body:

Infections: This is often the cause, whether it is a common virus or an infection that is contracted from travel. May be associated with crampy upper abdominal pain, fever and chills. Common viral infections include rotavirus. Parasitic infections often are associated with diarrhoea but may also have a component of nausea and vomiting. Bacteria such as H. Pylori can be the infectious agent.

Stomach flu: Is a non-specific term used to describe vomiting and diarrhea associated with a viral infection.

Food poisoning: May cause significant vomiting and usually is caused by a bacterial toxin. Symptoms begin within a couple hours of eating contaminated or poorly prepared food and may last for 1-2 days. Sources of food poisoning include Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella, E coli, Listeria, or Clostridium botulinum.

Other causes include:
Eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)
Motion sickness (car sickness, seasickness)
Vertigo (the sensation that the room is spinning around)
Head injuries (such as a concussion or bleeding injury)
Gallbladder disease or appendicitis
Brain tumors
Brain infections such as meningitis
Hydrocephalus (too much fluid in the brain)
Pyloric obstruction, a condition that causes forceful spitting up in infants)
Infection or irritation of the intestines
Low or high body chemicals and minerals as well as toxins in the body
Alcohol from beer, wine, and liquor which causes nausea and vomiting
Early pregnancy - morning sickness usually happens in the first few months

If the vomiting is so bad that the person cannot keep any liquids down for more than 8-10 hours.
Vomiting blood is a warning sign. Blood may be bright red or dark red. Sometimes old blood can look brown like coffee grounds.
If you are taking care of a child, see the doctor if the child does not pass urine in 6-8 hours (or has dry diapers for that period of time).
The patient shows signs and symptoms of severe loss of body fluids (dehydration) which include dry mouth and lips, less urine than normal, dark yellow and smelly urine, and severe thirst. Symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness are worse when standing.
Go to the Emergency Department if:
the patient is experiencing nausea or vomiting with severe stomach pains.
vomiting with fever especially in a child.
you see blood in the vomit.
vomiting does not stop and the patient is unable to keep down any fluids.
the patient has a known head injury.
there is other medical conditions present such as heart disease or diabetes.
you observe any signs of confusion or extreme weakness.
a new or severe headache is also present

Home Remedies :
Take medication as directed. Medicine usually involves those that help to decrease nausea and vomiting.
Avoid excessive motion, strong smells, and anxiety-producing situations.
Drink plenty of water, if the person can retain well, to prevent dehydration from fluid loss. Fluid intake helps correct electrolyte imbalance, which may stop vomiting:
Start with small amounts.
Only use clear liquids (such as clear soup, barley drink).
Avoid milk and any dairy products as they can make the nausea and vomiting worse.
Work your way up to soft foods such as porridge, oatmeal and go back to liquids if the nausea and vomiting return.
If the person cannot retain fluid, gives small amounts. Provides ice chips repeatedly.
After 24 hours of fluid diet without vomiting, begin a soft-bland solid diet such as the porridge, bananas, toast, noodles and potatoes.
Children should be given oral rehydration solutions such as Pedialyte. Fruit juice and sports drinks will not correctly replace fluid or electrolytes lost from vomiting. Using plain water will not replace electrolytes and may dilute electrolytes to the point of seizures.

Ayurvedic Tip for Vomiting:Eating a pinch of Ajwain powder and a pinch of clove powder which is mixed with honey helps people who are suffering from this problem.Thanks for Visiting

Modi invites SAARC leaders to swearing in ceremony

Modi invites SAARC leaders to swearing in ceremony

Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi has invited the heads of the governments of all South Asian states to attend his swearing-in on Monday, in a gesture, which diplomats and experts said was without precedent. Though foreign envoys stationed in New Delhi have attended past swearings-in, Ministry of External Affairs sources said, no world leader has been invited to attend what has traditionally been seen as a domestic event.

The move startled regional diplomats-but also caused surprise in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which was not consulted on the decision, Bharatiya Janata Party sources said.

Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, the Ministry of External Affairs said, despatched formal invitations on Wednesday afternoon to the Presidents or Prime Ministers of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s President, has accepted the invitation but there was no immediate word on which other leaders would attend.

Mr. Modi’s surprise outreach, an advisor present at the meeting said, was intended to allay regional fears that his rise to power would herald a new hawkishness in Indian foreign policy. The Prime Minister-elect had ruffled feathers in Bangladesh by threatening to expel migrants from India’s north-east, while Sri Lanka was concerned over the influence ethnic nationalists in Tamil Nadu might have over his foreign policy.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s reaction, however, will be watched the most closely in New Delhi. Mr. Sharif had congratulated Mr. Modi on his election, invited him to visit Pakistan, and called for a resumption of early bilateral dialogue on all issues, including Jammu and Kashmir. There have been doubts in India’s diplomatic establishment, though, of Mr. Sharif’s ability to deliver on his promise of peace in the face of resistance from the country’s military.

“Part of the idea”, a senior national security official present at the meeting said, “is to test whether Pakistan’s Prime Minister will able to buck military pressures by visiting New Delhi. It will be a sign of whether he is his own boss or not”.

Mr. Modi’s willingness to engage Pakistan early in his tenure surprised many, given the hard line he adopted during his election campaign. In September, Mr. Modi had lashed out at former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for holding what he called a “biryani meeting” with Mr. Sharif in New York, following the killing of Indian troops on the Line of Control. Mr. Modi demanded that Mr. Singh “call off this meeting”.

An Indian soldier was killed in fresh fighting on the Line of Control on Sunday, but there was no official reaction from Mr. Modi.

The regional invite idea, government sources said, was planned at a meeting of former national security and foreign service officials close to the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday. Following its approval by Mr. Modi, the sources said, informal consultations with the diplomatic missions of the SAARC states in New Delhi.

Experts were divided on the wisdom of the initiative. “The rules of the game should be settled before any major diplomatic initiatives”, said Ajai Sahni, at the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi. “This kind of gesture seems to be a little impulsive”.
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EAMCET aspirant's father killed in road accident

EAMCET aspirant's father killed in road accident

                                                   Student attend the exam

A student who was on his way to EAMCET entrance hall was killed in a road accident. This incident took place near Mahatma Gandhi University in Nalgonda. While the father of the deceased was bringing the student to the examination hall on a two wheeler, this accident happened. In this accident, the student died on the spot while his father sustained stern injuries. The victim has been rushed to a nearby hospital for the treatment, while the dead body has been sent for post-mortem to the Nalgonda govt hospital. The police rushed the spot and registered a case.

These days, mishaps have been on a rise. Let it be a mishap on the road or otherwise, the main reason turns to be the reckless attitude of the people. There is a need to exact the situation so as to prevent the accidents. Surely, if timely preventive measures would have been adopted, most of the accidents could have been avoided. The people need to be educated. Better and wide publicity through the mass media channels may be opted for the same. Entertainment-Education concepts are most befitting in this case and will surely prove effective.

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