how to protect car from holi colors,how to remove stains from car

How to protect car from holi colors

Prevention is better than cure. Strictly avoid taking off your car and driving it around in cities on this day. If you have a separate parking garage, if you have a car cover this would be the ideal time to use it and keep your prized possession under wraps.However, if you live in a complex where it’s hard to avoid being part of the Holi celebrations,Wash and clean the car and then apply a good coat of wax polish on the car. The wax polish will prevent colours from soaking into the top-coat of the paint. If your car was recently “Teflon” coated, that too would do.

If the car is going to be used on Holi, then you better take some precautions for the interiors as well. Get large size polythene bags if you have them and use them over the headrest and backrest on the seats. If that’s not possible, use old curtains or terry towels you may have at home and drape them around the seats, using safety pins to keep them in place. Wrap things like inside door handles, the steering wheel and gear knob in cling film or food wrap to prevent colour getting on it.
How to remove stain from car:
First wash and clean the car using only water and a good car shampoo. Don’t use household detergent or dish cleaning liquid, as they are very harsh and will remove the polish film from the car’s surface as well. Use such harsher detergents only if regular car shampoo and water does not work.
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how to protect your children eyes from holi colors

How to protect your children eyes from holi colors

Ensure that your eyes remain protected at all times. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from coloured water. Use a hat or cap to protect your hair from being coloured with strong chemical dyes.
Apply a thick layer of coconut oil on your body and hair so that the colour doesn't stick and it can be washed off easily later. While washing off the colour, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes tightly closed.If you are travelling, roll up the car windows. Better still; avoid travelling as much as you can.
For children use non toxic colours.If these colours enter the eye while playing, they cause mild redness and irritation, which usually subsides after washing copiously with water. However, if there is intense pain and burning, one must get an opinion from an ophthalmologist. Also if the clarity of vision is affected, an eye doctor must be consulted.

The granular particles, which make the colours shine brightly are actually quite toxic and can cause damage to the cornea in the form of a corneal abrasion. A person who gets a corneal abrasion will have severe pain and watering and if not treated by an en expert may develop an ulcer or infection. Water balloons can be the most dangerous and cause blunt trauma to the eye, which may lead to bleeding in the eye, lens subluxation or dislocation, macular edema or retinal detachment. This may lead to loss of vision or even loss of eye.

Natural colours made from home-based products are a much better and healthier option. These can be easily made and offer a safer option as compared to the synthetic colours. Haldi mixed with besan or flour can give a yellow colour and work as a face-mask at the same time.White petals can be used to obtain a saffron colour. Beetroot soaked in water provides a bright magenta colour. Henna powder, gulmohar and hibiscus flowers etc can also be used to make different colours.
Ban water balloons: They may be fun to play with, but when thrown at a person, their impact can cause injuries to the skin, eyes and ears.
Pichkaari etiquette: Teach your child to use his/ her pichkaari away from other people’s faces, especially their eyes and ear.
It is essential that you do not let your children put any colours in his/her mouth. Synthetic colours, powder or gel-based alike, contain a number of harmful chemicals, when ingested they could cause severe reactions such as vomiting and could also lead to poisoning. Make your child wear full-sleeved  clothes and long pants to protect his/her sensitive skin.
Keep a list of emergency contacts ready, including those of your pediatrician, closest hospital and ambulance service.
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how to protect hair from holi colours,how to protect skin and hair from holi colours

Experts say the use of organic or natural colors is best.

Holi is the time when the skin gets totally ripped off its natural oils and softness, owing to the chemicals contained in colors, so taking proper precaution is important.
One thing which constantly bothers us at the back of our mind is that the harsh chemicals in the colors could harm our hair. So, how to prevent this? What precautions should one take to ensure that the damage caused is not severe.
For Hair:
 Oil your hair well. It is the perfect key! A night before Holi, take a head massage with warm caster, a mixture of jojoba and rosemary oil or coconut oil. This provides your hair with ample nutrition which it would require when it gets dry the next day due to colors. If you have a sensitive scalp skin, also add a few drops of lemon juice to avoid any infection triggered by the chemicals in colors. Apply oil every day for a week or two even after the festival to ensure that your hair keeps receiving nourishment continuously.
After playing Holi, rinse off your hair immediately with a mild shampoo and condition your hair. These once done, also apply a pack of olive oil and honey to your hair. This further nourishes your hair and scalp.
Wear a cap, bandana or scarf if you can.use milk-based cleanser or oil and wash off using warm water. Follow up by applying generous amount of oil and moisturizer on wet skin to replenish the hydration which protect the skin.
Strictly avoid usage of synthetic colors as they will cause severe damage to your hair. Apply oil generously on your hair before playing. Simply wash your hair with a mild shampoo, condition the same and then apply hair repair serum to them.
For skin:
Apply a layer of sun block of SPF 50 at least 30 minutes before you go out to play with colours. Coconut oil is best for all types of skin and hair and can be used both before and after. Tie your hair up so that the colour doesn't reach the roots. Applying a lot of lip balm on your lips and using an anti-redness or body-cooling product on the skin will help in lessening irritation, if any. To shun the colours from stagnating on nails, apply a dark colored nail-paint to nails and cuticles.
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Bjp women nominees list,lok sabha bjp women nominees

 Bjp women nominees list

In its first two lists BJP has announced just 1 woman candidate".the BJP's third list comprising names of two women candidates, it still has a point in terms of higher number. The BJP announced its third list comprising names of 52 candidates, including two women.
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Cong’s first list includes 28 women candidates,list of women candidates

 Cong’s first list includes 28 women candidates

Congress has declared 28 women candidates for the elections which will be held between April 07 and May 12.Party sources said 35% of the candidates are under the age of 50 and approximately 15% are women candidates.The Congress party has decided to field Sonia Gandhi from Rae Bareily and Rahul Gandhi from Amethi.Thanks for Visiting

Royal High Tea at Amara.

Royal High Tea at Amara

Food & Drink , Restaurant Promotions
Amara, Hitech City,Hyderabad

Experience a tasteful celebration of the finest things in life with a Royal High Tea at Amara.
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India Aviation 2014,india aviation 2014 hyderabad,india aviation 2014 exhibition

India Aviation 2014

After the Grand success of India Avaition 2012, Ministry of Civil Avaition, Government of India, Jointly with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry is organizing the 4th Edition of India Aviation 2014 from March 12 - 16, 2014 at Hyderabad, India.
Salient Features of India Aviation 2014:
• More than 20,000 sq mtrs of exhibition area
• More than 250 exhibitors
• Only focused event on Civil Aviation Industry
• Delegation from around the world
• Networking opportunities
• Excellent facilities of Business Centre, Lounge, Exhibitors Restaurant, Florist Counters, Snack Counters, Drinking Water, Information Desk, Travel & Transport Desk, Business Information Centre, etc.
Event Details:

DATES: 12th March - 16th March 2014
TIMINGS: 10:00hrs - 17:00hrs
Begumpet Airport, Sardar Patel Road, Hyderabad, India
 Event Format:

The Event will have the following components:
• Exhibition                                    • Conference
• CEO Forum                                 • Chalets
• Static Display                             • Demonstration Flights
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Silk Fab Exhibition-Cum-Sale at Hyderabad,Silk Fab 2014

Silk Fab Exhibition-Cum-Sale

Kamma Sangam, Ameerpet
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Silk Fab 2014 .It is an exhibition cum sale of silk sarees and cotton sarees at Kamma Sangham Community Hall. Designers and Manufactures will exhibit their products.Thanks for Visiting

Gallery Space art exhibition of Sameer Sarkar

Gallery Space

Plot No. 259 / C, Road No. 12, M.L.A. Colony, Banjara Hills , Hyderabad
Landmark: Near Omega Cancer Hospital

Gallery Space presents an art exhibition of Sameer Sarkar paintings that are all about creating shapes using different colors. This artist does not use any particular lines but his art works are all about using colors to achieve a desired result.
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Kalakriti Art Gallery,an exhibition on Women’s issue

Kalakriti Art Gallery

Plot No. 468, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills , Hyderabad
Landmark: Near Star Hospital

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition on Women’s issue this March. The photographs featured in this exhibition will depict the stories and lives of women across the world, highlighting the common themes among the very different environments in which they live.

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BVSN Prasad Daughter Prasanna's Wedding,bvsn prasad daughter marriage

 BVSN Prasad Daughter Prasanna's Wedding

Attarintiki Daredi Producer BVSN Prasad Daughter Prasanna's Wedding Mar 9th at Image Gardens.


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The Miss India Finalist Irshikaa Mehrotra from Hyderabad

 The Miss India Finalist Irshikaa Mehrotra from Hyderabad

The Femina Miss India 2014 beauty pageant is nearing its end and with that the competition to win the coveted Miss India title. fbb Femina Miss India 2014 hosted a media interaction to introduce the girl who will represent Hyderabad in the grand finale of the fbb Femina Miss India 2014 today at the Big Bazaar, Ameerpet. fbb is the title sponsor of the fbb Femina Miss India-2014 contest.

After the preliminary audition rounds some of the leading contestants faded out while there were quite a few who impressed the judges and are hot favourites. The girl who will represent the city of Hyderabad in FBB Femina Miss India 2014 is Irshikaa Mehrotra. Irshikaa said she is ecstatic and blessed to have reached so far into the competition and are looking forward to the finale. She exuded confidence and charm at the press meet captivating the audience. Irshikaa will vying for the fbb Femina Miss India-2014 Crown on April 5th 2014 at Mumbai. 
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50 Shades of Women' at Ginger Lily, Radisson Blu Plaza

 50 Shades of Women' at Ginger Lily, Radisson Blu Plaza

50 artworks by international artists inaugurated by Supraja Rao, Parvathy Reddy and Vanaja Banagiri at Ginger Lily, Radisson Blu Plaza, Hyderabad.

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Bhavan's Final Year UG Students Farewell Party 2014, Hyderabad

 Bhavan's Final Year UG Students Farewell Party 2014, Hyderabad

Three years of association, forming eternal friendships, committing blunders, overcoming mistakes, forgiving lecturers realizing that dreams have wings which lecturers help us to achieve. Three years have passed in a flash then arrives the time to bid farewell to the institution which helped create fond memories.
The programme which was put together by the first year and second year students of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College
Of Science , Humanities and Commerce“Au Revoir Fare Thee Well “Kevin Chako reiterated that College life creates experience,gives a chance to experiment and raises our expectation for the future.

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Kathak by Mangal Bhatt Academy,Lamakaan celebrates 4th Anniversary with Kathak at Hyderabad

Kathak by Mangal Bhatt Academy

La Makaan, Banjara Hills
7:00 PM OnwardsLamakaan celebrates 4th Anniversary with Kathak performance by students of renowned Mangala Bhatt's Akruti School of Kathak. A Classical Dance by Akruthi Kathak Kendra students. "Aakruti Kathak was founded way back in 1992 by Smt.Mangala Bhatt and Raghav Raj Bhatt
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Woman injured while warding off molesters at Hyderabad

Woman injured while warding off molesters at Hyderabad

How many laws are coming for women.But none of these helps the women.A married woman was injured when two drunkards allegedly attacked her with a blade when she resisted their bid to outrage her modesty at her house in Lakshminagar area in Hyderabad today.
The accused identified as Prabhu Das and Hanumanthu, both in their 20s, are employed by her labour contractor husband.The duo entered the woman's house when she was alone and attempted to outrage her modesty by touching her inappropriately. However, the woman fought back and pushed them aside.
After they fell on the ground, one of them took out a blade and attacked the woman, resulting in injuries to her chin and hand, before fleeing, police said, adding the duo were apprehended later."The duo have been arrested and produced before a court which sent them in judicial remand. The woman was admitted to a hospital and is out of danger".
A case has been registered in this regard by police.

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paneer oats kabab,paneer oats tikki,paneer recipes


Paneer, grated - 3/4 cup
oats- 1/2 cup
Corn flour - 3 - 4 tsps
Kasuri Methi - 2 pinches
Roasted Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Amchur powder - 1/3 tsp
Salt to taste
Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Ghee / Oil for brushing
Skewers for grilling 


In a bowl, take all the ingredients and combine into a smooth dough. Make sure the dough sticks to the skewers when you bind around them.Grease the rods with oil, take a ball of the dough and press well around the rods. Brush with ghee and grill on stove flame on all sides till it turns brown and smoky.
Another Method:
you can bake in oven at 185 deg C for 15 - 20 mins.Brush with ghee when you remove them
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how to prepare perfect saree,how to make perfect saree pleats,how to select a perfect saree,how to select pattu saree,History of saree

History of saree:

Sari, this word is derived from the sanskrit word 'sati'. Sati, as you know, means a strip of cloth. This sound first evolved into 'sadi' and then into 'sari'.
There are some indications which suggest that the sari originated in the Indus valley civilization in 2800 to 1800 BC. That is a long time back. Just imagine the women then draping themselves in a sari. Sari has certainly come of age.
In some states of southern India, the nine-yard long saree is worn. A saree, as you must be knowing, can be draped in numerous styles. The blouse, which covers the upper part of the body can be long or short depending on where you are wearing it.
In a sari the midriff is left bare. This is because according to Hindus, the navel is considered the source of life and creativity.
Symbolizing beauty and grace, the saree has been a part of the fashion world for centuries. From traditional functions to glamorous events, the saree has evolved to become a fashion item suitable for any occasion.
Saree for Toll and slim women: 
You can wear any type of saree.Saree can be with tall frame while sarees made from raw silk, pure silk or cotton expose a sense of can pick up cotton, silk and organza sarees.Huge floral printed sarees and designer printed sarees will look great on you.sarees in net and lace embellished are also a trendy fashion choice for a tall and slim woman.

Saree For Slightly Over Weight Women:
Designs such as those or sarees with too many bold prints and color contrasts will make you appear shorter.Don't wear Cotton and other stiff fabrics.You can wear chiffon and silk sarees as they will give your body a balanced shape and Dark colors look best on you.Hand loom cotton sarees will look great on you.


 Saree for short women: 

Does not contain big borders.dark colors suit for you while buying a saree.Georgette, chiffon and net fabrics will suit you best.Your saree should never be very heavy. It can have delicate embroidery and bead work, but it should never be too stiff.

How to make perfect and easy saree:
You can make saree easy and make perfect front pleats and pallu pleats by yourself with in few minutes. Use magnetic Easy Clips to hold your saree together. Easy Clips are classy, magnetic clips for holding your saree together. They are the simplest, safest, and quickest way to hold together your pleats, pallu, chunni, lengha dupatta, and more.

With Saree Pleat Maker you can make front pleat and set pallu with in just 4 easy steps

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latest women's short hairstyles,latest women's hair styles,latest women's hair trends 2014

 Women's latest hair styles

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