Vishu The New Year Festival of Kerala

Vishu The New Year Festival of Kerala

Vishu, the New Year of Malayalees, is observed on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam. The New Year usually falls in the month of April (as per the Roman calendar), and this year it will be observed on 15 April.

Indian culture, perhaps more than any other, stresses the importance of beginning things properly. The position of the stars and planets is taken into consideration to insure auspicious beginnings, homas are performed and stotrams are chanted to Lord Ganesha in order to remove potential obstacles before the start of any undertaking. Prayers to God are always offered. Even when studying the Upanishads, which declare the only true power to be our own Self, shanti mantras are chanted before beginning each session of study.

Ultimately, all these are ways of humbly admitting our finitude, the limited nature of our efforts, and are a means of supplicating to the Divine for favourable outcome. As Amma says, "Grace alone is the deciding factor." By taking into consideration even subtle nuances beyond our intellectual understanding when we begin a project, we are both showing the sincerity of our effort as well as our faith in the words of the scriptures and the Guru.

In Kerala, the start of the Zodiac New Year when the sun enters into Sidereal Aries, Ashwini nakshatra is celebrated as Vishu. It is said that what one sees when one first opens one's eyes on Vishu morning is an indication of what one can expect in the year to come. Thus on Vishu, effort is made to assure one opens one's eyes before an auspicious image the Vishukkani.  

While the festival is called "Vishu" only in Kerala, across India festivals sharing the same spirit such as Ugadhi in Andhra Pradesh and in Karnataka, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Bihu in Assam and Baisakhi in Punjab are celebrated around the same time of year.

The Malayalam word kani literally means "that which is seen first," so "Vishukkani" means "that which is seen first on Vishu."
Arranged in the family puja room the night before by the mother in the family, the Vishukkani is a panorama of auspicious items, including images of Lord Vishnu, flowers, fruits and vegetables, clothes and gold coins.

Lord Vishnu, the preserver of creation, is the aspect of the Paramatman that is focused upon during Vishu. In jyotish, Indian astrology, Vishnu is seen as the head of Kaala Purusha, the God of Time. As Vishu marks the first day of the Zodiac New Year, it is an appropriate time to offer oblations to Lord Vishnu.
Akshatam, a mixture of rice and turmeric, which is divided into halves of husked and un-husked rice, is placed in a special bowl called an uruli. The uruli traditionally is made of panchaloham, an aggregate of five metals. Panchaloham being symbolic of the universe, which is comprised of the five great elements earth, water, fire, air and space.

A nice, well-starched cloth is then pleated fan-like and inserted into a highly polished brass kindi (a spouted puja vessel used for pouring sacred water). The val-kannadi, a special type of mirror with an extremely long and thin handle, often decorated with gold, is also inserted into the kindi. The kindi is then placed in the uruli on top of the rice.

Two deepams, which are fashioned from the two halves of a split coconut, are also kept in the uruli. The wicks are made from pieces of starched cloth that are folded into bulbs at the base. These bulbs are placed into the coconut oil that fills the deepams, anchoring the wicks in place. The starch helps the rest of the wick to extend straight upwards so that they will properly burn. The lighting of the deepam welcomes God into our lives and is also symbolic of spiritual knowledge the remover of the darkness of ignorance.

Gold both in colour and in coin is central to the Vishukkani. Kanikkonna, a golden-yellow flower associated with Sri Krishna is used liberally throughout the puja room. This flower only blooms when the sun is in its most exalted position astrologically the month surrounding Vishu. In the puja room, the flower verily represents the sun itself, the eyes of Lord Vishnu. Gold coins are symbols of monetary affluence, as well as cultural and spiritual wealth, which the elders of the family must share freely with the younger generation. Vishukkaineettam, the distribution of wealth, is another aspect of the festival. It should be given freely and accepted with reverence. On Vishu, the highly affluent families will not only give money to their children but also their neighbours, perhaps the entire village.

The Vishukkani will also be laden with gold-coloured fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, jackfruit, golden cucumber, etc. The akshatam, as it is full of turmeric, also is gold in colour, as is the shiny brass of the kindi, the panchaloham and the reflection of the mirror.

 a spiritual book, such as the Bhagavad-Gita, should be made part of the arrangement. The book is the pramanam the instrument used for attaining the eternal, non-perishable wisdom of the Rishis—as well as a symbol of that knowledge itself.

The grandmother or mother who arranges the Vishukkani will sleep in the puja room after she is finished and then, waking during the auspicious hour of the Brahma muhurata (4:00 to 6:00 a.m.), she will light the oil-lamp wicks and take in the auspicious sight. She will then walk to the rooms where the rest of the family is sleeping and wake them. Covering their eyes, she will then lead them to the puja room, where she will allow them to take in the auspicious sight.

Upon opening one's eyes, one is overwhelmed with the glorious darshan of the Lord. The mirror which is symbolic of Bhagavati (Devi), not only increases the lustre of the Vishukkani via the reflection it offers, but also shows our own face, reminding us that God is not someone sitting in the heavens upon a golden throne, but the pure consciousness that is our true nature. The mirror also points to the importance of making our mind pure enough to render this truth unadulterated.

The Vishukkani is not reserved only for those who come to the puja room, but is taken around for the viewing of the elderly and sick who are perhaps too frail to come to the shrine. It is also brought outside and shown to the family cows. As it is brought to the cowshed, it in fact is on display for the birds, the trees, for all of nature to see.

Vishukkani points to a year of abundance both spiritually and materially. Food, light, money, knowledge all should fill our life. Taking in the Vishukkani we should pray that the vision remains with us throughout the year. It is not enough that the joy we take from viewing the Vishukkani comes only to our eyes. It must reflect in our thoughts and in our actions. The auspicious start of the year which has come to us due to the grace of beginning it with a divine vision is not for us alone. It is up to us to spread this love, happiness and hope to the rest of society. 
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Timelapse of Blood moon eclipse over Americas

Timelapse of 'blood moon' eclipse over Americas

Rare total lunar eclipse caught on tape
The first total lunar eclipse in two and a half years is taking place on April 15th. The rare event will be visible over much of North ..
Lunar eclipses can only be seen at night, the entire event will be visible from North and South America but viewers in northern and and eastern Europe, eastern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia will be out of luck. 
Don't Miss Tonights "Blood Moon" Total Lunar Eclipse
Praying for clear skies here on the East Coast! Get out around 2:45AM EST and you will be just in time for the big show.. Total
Total Lunar Eclipse 2014 Amazing! Blood Moon April 14th/15th 2014 Tetrad Blood Red.
If you miss these opportunities, stargazers will have to wait until 2032 and 2033.

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Hanuman Jayanti 2014 SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Shayari, Facebook Status, Messages In Hindi, English

Hanuman Jayanti 2014 SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Shayari, Facebook Status, Messages In Hindi, English

Hanuman Hai Naam Mahaan
Hanuman Kare Beda Paar
Jo Leta Hai Naam Bajrang Bali Ka
Sab Din Hote Uske Ek Samaan
Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

Aaj Janam Divas hai Ram bhakt Hanuman ka,
Jisne jalayi vishal Lanka sift apni poonch se,
Aaj Janam Divas hai us Balwan ka,
Badhai ho Janam Din pyaare Hanuman Ka..!

जै हनुमान ज्ञान गन सागर
जै कपीश तीहू लोक उजागर
राम दूत अतुलित बल धामा
अंजनी पुत्र पवन सूत नामा
जै श्री राम जै हनुमान..!

May Hanuman bless U with his perseverance,
May he give U his strength &
May he grant U the art of Devotion As he had 4 Lord Rama
Best Wishes of Hanuman Jayanti..!

श्री राम जै राम जै जै राम
हरे राम हरे राम हरे राम
हनुमान जी की तरह जपते जाओ
अपनी सारी मनोकामनाए पूरी करते जाओ,
शुभ हनुमान जयंती.

May God Hanuman bless U
with Wisdom, Power and Strength
Happy Hanuman Jayanti..!

Janam Divas Ram Bhakt Hunumaan ka,
Jalayi Vishal Lanka jisne sirf apni poonch se..
Janam Divas hai uss Balwaan kaa.
 Badhai ho Janam Divas Hunumaan Ka

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Hare Ram
 Hare Ram Hare Ram
 Hanuman Ji Ki Tarah Japte Jao
Apni Saari Badhaye Door Karte Jao
Shubh Hanuman Jayanti

Deendayal Beerdu Sambhari
 Harhu Nath Mamm Sankat Bhari
Hanuman Jayanti Ki Hardik Shubh Kamnaye.

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Health benefits of Water Rich foods

 Health benefits of Water Rich foods

If you want to lose weight, drink water before, during and after a meal.This was one of the most popular diet trick eating more water-rich foods, however, can help reduce those calories and will help you feel more energized.

Fruits and vegetables high in water are also low in calories and makes us feel full and satisfied eating less. Our diet automatically improves because we are eating healthy calories packed with enzymes and nutrients.

Water-rich fruits and vegetables offer the same benefits as water, adds few more.

Diet rich in fruits and vegetables with high-water content:
  • It’s a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.
  • It keeps the body hydrated, preventing tiredness and fatigue.
  • It helps to flush waste and toxins out of the body. Water-rich foods are popular in detoxing and cleansing diets.
  • It reduces water retention.
  • It decreases the need for insulin in the body.
Water-Rich foods are:

Vegetables with a water content of 90 percent or more
  • Bell pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Pumpkin
  • Radish
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Zucchini
Fruits with a water content of 85 percent or more

  • Apricot
  • Blueberry
  • Cantaloupe
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
For Water Rich Food recipes visit
Brocoli and cauliflower salad
avial-acidity free curry avial recipe(Cucumber recipe)
Cucumber recipe(tzatziki recipe)
pappardelle with pumpkin bacon and torn bread
Pampkin Cake
Kaddu ka Sabzi-Rajasthani Healthy recipe
Rosted Vegetables Moroccan-thyroid Diet 
Kabocha Squash Soup-for thyroid Diet
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Mahesh-Koratala Film to start in July

 Mahesh-Koratala Film to start in July
Mahesh-Koratala Film From July

Director Koratala Siva, who is teaming up with superstar Mahesh Babu in a yet-untitled Telugu actioner, says the project will go on floors in July. The pre-production work is currently underway.
"The regular shooting will start from July onwards. By then, Mahesh is expected to complete shooting for 'Aagadu'," Koratala told IANS.

Mahesh is currently shooting for Sreenu Vaitla-directed "Aagadu"."It's an out-and-out commercial project that's sure going to appeal to Mahesh's fans. Devi Sri Prasad has been roped in to compose the music, while the rest of the film's cast is yet to be finalized," he added.
After a lot of discussion, Mahesh said a firm no to UTV and gave the green signal to a new production house. Yerneni Naveen, Yalamanchali Ravi Shankar and CVM will be jointly producing this yet to be titled film under Mytri Movies banner and the cast & crew is yet to be finalized.

Koratala Siva has waited for more than a year to star this project and he is confident that his script will showcase Mahesh Babu in a new avatar. It has been speculated that Shruti Haasan might be the female lead opposite to Mahesh Babu in this power packed action entertainer and an official announcement is yet to be made.
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Sonia makes 3 min television appeal, says BJP will ruin Bharatiyata

Sonia makes 3 min television appeal, says BJP will ruin 'Bharatiyata'

Congress president Sonia Gandhi made a rare television appearance urging electorate to snub "divisive and autocratic" forces that would damage the country's "Bharatiyata" and "Hindustaniyat".
Speaking in Hindi and without taking any names, Gandhi said, “Congress is fighting this election to protect the very heart and soul of India from those who sought to change it and divide the people of the country”.

“We want unity. They want to impose uniformity. They say, ‘Just believe in me’… Their vision, clouded with hatred and falsehood, their ideology, divisive and autocratic, will drive us to the ruination of our Bharatiyata, our Hindustaniyat,” she added.

She also praised Indians for preserving certain core beliefs and values that have united varied people into one nation. “Today I want to share with you what is in my heart, what makes me proud to be Indian, as each of you is a proud Indian. Our India is founded on certain core beliefs and values.  It is these basic beliefs that have united all of us, diverse people, into one nation. I learnt these from you, as you made me one of your own,” said Sonia.

Gandhi's appeal in the form of a short televised speech in multiple channels was made both in Hindi and English.

It was said to be telecast as an advertisment by the TV channels. Gandhi appealed to each voter to think from their heart and decide what direction, what path they want the country to take.
She said that living with feelings for each other across religions, castes, communities, regions, languages, is what makes India a strong nation.

Unlike BJP's strategy, Gandhi said the Congress approch was, Believe in our intentions, in our achievements: a high rate of growth, inclusive development, strong democratic institutions.
Today, our society stands at a cross-roads. The Congress ideology and vision, will continue to take us towards a healthy, free democracy open to the light of change and transformation, she added.

She began her appeal speaking of what made her proud to be Indian, as each of you is a proud Indian.
Our India is founded on certain core beliefs and values. It is these basic beliefs that have united all of us, diverse people, into one nation. I learnt these from you, as you made me one of your own.

"This kind of fake emotional appeal of desperation because the ground is slipping beneath Sonia Gandhi and Congress", BJP leader Ravi Shanker Prasad said commenting on her appeal telecast by several TV channels.
Prasad said the coming "election is being on the issues of mal-governance, on the issue of stinking corruption, on rising unemployment, spiralling prices and on the issue of legacy of suffering of India, an unsecure India".

"Sonia Gandhi has no answer to all these burning problems of the day with which Indians are distressed, agonized and deeply pained. Therefore, this kind of fake emotional appeal", he said. "What type of harmony are you (Gandhi) talking about? Calling Imam Bukhari to your residence and making an appeal to unite all the Muslims?" Prasad said adding "even Muslims are suffering from unemployment and price rise. Therefore, I see all this nothing but an appeal of desperation because the ground is slipping beneath Sonia Gandhi and Congress", he said.
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Infosys Q4 net profit rises by 25%

Infosys Q4 net profit rises by 25%

Country's second largest software services firm Infosys today reported 25% jump in net profit at Rs 2,992 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2014, as compared to Rs 2,394 crore in the same period last fiscal.Infosys brought back its founder N.R. Narayana Murthy from retirement in June last year to revive the company's fortune.

The company, however, has seen an exodus of senior executives and staff since Murthy's return, triggering concerns about its ability to compete for lucrative outsourcing contracts in the United States and Europe.

The company's revenue for the reported quarter was up 23.2% to Rs 12,875 crore from Rs 10,454 crore in the year-ago period. The Bangalore-based firm, which is on a revival path following the return of its co-founder N R Narayana Murthy at the helm of affairs, has forecast a conservative outlook of 7 to 9% revenue growth in dollar terms for the financial year 2014-15.
In dollar terms, the company's profit grew 9.7% to USD 487 million in the reported quarter while revenue was up by 7.9% to USD 2.09 billion in the quarter under review.

For FY'14, net profit grew 1.5% to USD 1.75 billion, while revenue was up 11.5% to USD 8.2 billion over the previous fiscal. "I am pleased that we have been able to double our growth rate for the full year compared to last year, though performance in the last quarter of FY'14 has been disappointing," Infosys CEO and Managing Director S D Shibulal said in a statement.

Infosys has guided a revenue growth of 7-9% (in dollar terms) next year and remains firmly focused on building the growth momentum by making all the necessary investments in its business, he added.
Sequentially, the company's net profit was up 4.1% from Rs 2,875 crore in the October-December 2013 quarter, while revenue was lower by 1.2% from Rs 13,026 crore. For FY'14, the net profit was up 13% at Rs 10,648 crore and revenue grew 24.2% to Rs 50,133 crore. North America accounted for 59.8% of the revenues, Europe (25.2%), India (2.6%) and Rest of the World (12.4%).
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YSRCP releases list of candidates for Seemandhra

YSRCP releases list of candidates for Seemandhra 

YSRCP announced list of candidates contesting from various Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies in Seemandhra region.The list consists of candidates for 24 Lok Sabha and 170 Assembly constituencies in the region. 

While YSRCP honorary president YS Vijayamma will contest from Visakhapatnam parliamentary constituency , her son and party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will contest from Pulivendula Assembly.

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YSRCP manifesto released

YSRCP manifesto released

YSRCP president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy released the election manifesto of his party.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that rule of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy was like a golden age. He said that no other chief minister ruled the state like him.He said that their party would work for development and welfare of the people of the state.

 Highlights of the manifesto :
  • We would increase the pension to Rs.700 per month.
  • We would form a special centre in every village to give the people any type of identity card within 24 hours. About ten local women will do the duties in the centre. Compute, printer and others will be there. 
  • ‘Amma Vodi’ Pathakam for poor people. As per the program, Rs.500 will be deposited in the bank account of mother every month. If a family consists of two children, the amount will be Rs.1000.
  • Fee reimbursement will not be partial, but complete.
  • Natural calamities fund will be established with a fund of Rs.2,000 crores. Farmers will be given immediate relief under the scheme.
  • Agricultural colleges in two districts. Three agricultural and veterinary universities will be established in the state.
  • 102 mobile team service at every mandal headquarter in the state. Farmers will get the service within 20 minutes of making a call.
  • 103 mobile team service in every mandal headquarter in the state for veterinary services.
  • Loan waiver of DWACRA ladies to the tune of Rs.20,000 crores. Changes will be done in the loan policy of DWACRA women.
  • Power cuts free state by 2019.
  • Orphanage in every assembly constituency.
  • No belt shops in villages.
  • Super speciality hospital in every district.
  • Seven hours of compulsory power for farmers daily.
  • PRC will be the best one for employees.
  • Liquor sale only at one place in a constituency.
  • About two lakh women in 20,000 villages will get the employment.
  • We will construct 50 lakh houses within next five years. Our aim is every person should have a house. Complete changes will be made in Arogyasri scheme. Rs.3,000 pm will be provided to every person, who got operated, till he is in a position to go to work.
  • Visakhapatnam will be a pollution free city.
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Vareva : Episode 60 - April 11, 2014

Vareva : Episode 60 - April 11, 2014

Vareva is a cookery show hosted by Sanjay. Every day he brings new recipes that are both nutritious and healty. Today he prepares Masalavada,Sajjakudumulu.

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Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu: Episode 852 - April 14 2014 gandasari atta bogasari kodalu hot

Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu: Episode 852 - April 14, 2014

The much awaited Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu 2 is back. Previous season of GASK was one of the highly successful outdoor game show in Telugu Television reaching out to Attalu and Kodallu from entire length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh.

Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu 2 is an outdoor game show, having contestants of Atta (mother-in-laws) and Kodalu (daughter-in-laws) as pairs competing with another pair, playing their childhood games and many more to win the title.

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Mangammagari Manavaraalu : Episode 226 - April 14 2014 Latest news for Mangammagari Manavaraalu

Mangammagari Manavaraalu : Episode 226 - April 14, 2014

Mangamma, who is a very strong and rich old lady, due to some health problems she is unable to walk and needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair. But that doesn't hamper her from showing her anger when someone or something goes against her wishes. Everyone is so scared of her wrath and no one dare oppose her, not even her husband.

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Kalavari Kodallu : Episode 865 - April 14 2014 Latest news for Kalavari Kodallu

Kalavari Kodallu : Episode 865 - April 14, 2014

Zee Telugu takes the pride in bringing forward a story which shows this sweet & spicy relationship in our mega daily serial KALAVARI KODALLU.

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Kalavari Kodallu : Episode 864 - April 12 2014 Latest news for Kalavari Kodallu

Kalavari Kodallu : Episode 864 - April 12, 2014

Akshara tortures Rekha by giving her punishments. Meanwhile, Jagadiswari's family members decide to prove Rekha's fraud police getup with the help of an interrogating department.

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Goranta Deepam : Episode 326 - April 14 2014 latest news for gorantha deepam

 Goranta Deepam : Episode 326 - April 14, 2014

Gorantha Deepam has taken its shape with blessings of legendary director Sri Bapu, and is being produced by Vara Mullapudi and directed by V.V.Varanjaneyulu (the Star director of Chinna Kodalu).

Goranta Deepam is a story of a young girl Paddu, who was born in a family which has abundance of love and affection but poor on finances. This bright girl, who aspires to study and to support her family, is been forced to get married under traditional and communal belief called 'Bottu Pettadam'. Her struggle for supporting her family and consequences she faces at her mother-in-laws place runs the story.

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Gopuram : Episode 1207 - April 14, 2014

Gopuram : Episode 1207 - April 14, 2014

India is known for its rich culture, and traditions. Keeping up the legacy of our rich heritage we come to you with this special program to make people aware of the facts that are said to be fantasies by the generation of 21st century. Through this show we try to prove the scientific reasons behind the so called superstitions and believes in our society.

Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi basically is a freelance Telugu journalist. She has been practicing Astrology since 1980. She is the first women in Andhra Pradesh and India to do her doctorate in Astrology cohilating with Allopathy and Ayurveda. She is given title of Jyotisha Ratna and jyotisha sraswati. She has also done 50 stage shows for UNICEF on child rights.

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Jodha Akbar : Episode 215 - April 14, 2014

 Jodha Akbar : Episode 215 - April 14, 2014

Akbar continues his search for Jodha Begum. Begum Salima too is worried for Jodha. Akbar reaches the place where Jodha is but is not able to find Jodha. Meanwhile Bakshi Banu finds Shareef-ud-din to be extremely rude towards her. Jodha prays to the Krishna idol she has and wants Lord Krishna to take care of her entire family including Akbar. Although tired due to no sleep at all and no rest Akbar continues his search for Jodha.

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Vanita Tv Live vanitha tv programs live streaming Vanitha tv

Vanita Tv live

VANITHA TV - First Women Centric Channel in can watch all programs live.Hello ladies..
sogasuchdataram..Dream Home...Ruchi chudu..Talk show..

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Quotes telugu proverbs quotes telugu friendship heart touching love quotes in telugu

 Quotes telugu proverbs

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